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Origin Netherlands
Genres Progressive metal
Years active 2001–present
Labels Transmission Records
Associated acts Ayreon
Arjen Anthony Lucassen
Astrid van der Veen

Ambeon is a Dutch progressive metal act, a project consisting mainly of multi-instrumentalist composer Arjen Anthony Lucassen and vocalist Astrid van der Veen. The act's first and only album to date, Fate of a Dreamer, was recorded in 2001, when van der Veen was just 14 years old. Ambeon's atmospheric sound draws from a wide variety of influences, including Celtic, gothic and progressive music. The songs on Fate of a Dreamer are mostly composed of different remixed pieces of songs from Ayreon albums, whereas the lyrics are original, written by van der Veen.



The name Ambeon is a play on the words Ambient and Ayreon. As the music - sans vocals - is based on previous Ayreon songs, it could be said this act is Ambient Ayreon. Ambeon can be said to be progressive metal with elements of dark ambient music.


When asked on the "Ask Arjen Anything" channel of communication about the possibility of a new Ambeon album, Lucassen simply stated "Possibly". However, has said that he would like to release more Ambeon albums:

I'm not really satisfied with [Fate of a Dreamer]. I think it could have been better because it's a bit cold for me. It's too electronic, a bit too much computers... And I didn't know how well Astrid could sing for I didn't know her and she didn't know me. So one day definitely I'd like to make another one and make a better one. It was a good start, quite OK, but it could have been better because I didn't have that feeling like on Ayreon albums like "Yes, this is right! It feels good and this is what I want!" And I haven't got that at 100 percent on the Ambeon album although it's a good album and has some good songs.[1]

According to Lucassen's official website, the debut (and only, to date) Ambeon album Fate of a Dreamer is currently out of print.





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