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Amber, aka Marie-Claire Cremers, is a Dutch/German pop and dance music singer/songwriter who is best known for her debut 1996 single "This Is Your Night".


  • And then I asked him with my eyes to ask again (yes),
    And then he asked me would I (yes, yes).
    I put my arms around him (yes),
    And drew him down to me so he could feel my breasts,
    And his heart was going like mad.
    Yes, I said yes, I will, yes.
  • I feel the need to be naked with you.
    Take off my pants, my shirt, my socks and my shoes.
    I need to be naked with you.
    • "The Need to Be Naked", from Naked (2002).
  • Your hair shines like gold, says my child.
    You are pretty old, says my child.
    And I think to myself how I used to be.
    There's another wrinkle that I see.
    Then he takes my hand and smiles at me.
    • "The Smile of My Child", Naked (2002).
  • You entered my aura and fell into my arms.
    I just wrapped around you like a snake that's been charmed.
    • "You Move Me", My Kind of World (2004).
  • It's the way that you kiss, the way that you give back,
    The way you love me like this -- look at the beauty of that.
    These are the tangled words of our love, that we both do untie --
    Same old ways, same old spice, same old paradise.
    • "Same Old Paradise", My Kind of World (2004).
  • Ooh, little boy, in between changing fathers.
    Little girl has to live without Mother.
    They don't understand why they seem not to need them,
    Although all they need is a loving hand.
    • "More Time for a Child" (written by Amber's sister, Anne-Fleur Cremers), My Kind of World (2004).


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