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American Gothic
Genre Horror/Supernatural/Drama
Created by Shaun Cassidy
Written by Victor Bumbalo
Mitchell Burgess
Shaun Cassidy
David Chisholm
John Cork
Stephen Gaghan
Steve De Jarnatt
Jeff F. King
Judi Ann Mason
Michael Nankin
Michael R. Perry
Starring Gary Cole
Lucas Black
Paige Turco
Brenda Bakke
Sarah Paulson
Composer(s) Joseph LoDuca
Country of origin  United States
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 22 (List of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Sam Raimi
Robert Tapert
Producer(s) Shaun Cassidy
Steve DeJarnatt
David Eick
David Kemper
Edward Ledding
Editor(s) Pietro Scalia (pilot)
Chris Innis
Brian L. Chambers
Tom Moore
Bob Murawski (title sequence & recaps)
Cinematography Ernest Holzman (pilot)
Stephen McNutt
Running time 45 mins.
Original channel CBS
Original run September 22, 1995 – July 11, 1996
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American Gothic is an American horror series created by Shaun Cassidy and executive produced by Sam Raimi. The show first aired on CBS on September 22, 1995, and was cancelled after a single season on July 11, 1996.



The story takes place in the fictional town of Trinity, South Carolina, and revolves around Caleb Temple (Lucas Black) and the town's corrupt Sheriff, Lucas Buck (Gary Cole). Though appearing affable and charismatic, Sheriff Lucas Buck is a murderous rapist whose powerbase is backed by apparent supernatural powers, which he generally uses to manipulate people to "fulfill their potential" and make life-changing choices (usually for evil).

Caleb Temple is a normal child whose paternity masks a horrific secret: Lucas Buck is his biological father, having raped his mother in front of Caleb's older sister Merlyn (Sarah Paulson). The horror of watching her mother being sexually assaulted caused Merlyn to become severely emotionally traumatized and withdrawn from the rest of the world, made even worse when her mother committed suicide after giving birth to Caleb.

During the pilot episode of the series, Sheriff Buck murders Merlyn in cold blood and manipulates Caleb's "father" (Sonny Shroyer) into committing suicide in order to eliminate Caleb's family and claim his biological son for his own. However, the newly arrived Dr. Crower (Jake Weber) begins to uncover the Sheriff's role in the death of Merlyn and Merlyn's father and with help from Caleb's out-of-town cousin Gail Emory (Paige Turco), struggle to prevent Lucas from corrupting young Caleb. They are aided in part by Merlyn's ghost, who personally appears before Caleb throughout the series in order to try to keep him from Buck's corrupt grasp.

The zip code of the fictional Trinity, in Fulton County, is 29916, placing it in real-life Early Branch, SC in Hampton County.


Cast of characters

Main cast

Actor/Actress Character Information Episodes
Gary Cole Sheriff Lucas Buck Lucas is the local Sheriff, he holds fear over the town of Trinity. He wants to adopt Caleb and raise him in his image. All 22 episodes
Lucas Black Caleb Temple Caleb is an orphan and is often tempted by Lucas to join the evil side but with help from the ghost of his sister, Merlyn, he usually does the right thing. All 22 episodes
Paige Turco Gail Emory A reporter from the city who lived in Trinity as a child. Her parents died in a mysterious fire in the Trinity news paper editing room. Came to Trinity to take care of her cousin Caleb and to uncover the truth about her parents. All episodes, except "Potato Boy", "Resurrector" and "Inhumanitas"
Brenda Bakke Selena Coombs The local school teacher who likes to sleep around. She occasionally dates Lucas. She usually helps Lucas in his plans to gain custody of Caleb and to keep the town under control. All episodes, except "Strong Arm of the Law", "The Beast Within", and "Strangler"
Sarah Paulson Merlyn Temple Caleb's sister, she is killed by the Sheriff, but occasionally appears to Caleb in the form of a ghost to guide him in the right direction and away from Lucas Buck. All episodes, except "Strong Arm of the Law", "The Beast Within", "Ring of Fire" and "Doctor Death Takes a Holiday"
Jake Weber Dr. Matt Crower Doctor at the hospital. Matt has a slightly shady past and came to Trinity to start a new life, but can not escape his past. He takes Caleb in after the death of Caleb's father. All episodes, except "Inhumanitas", "Learning to Crawl", "Echo of Your Last Goodbye", "Strangler", "Triangle", "The Buck Stops Here" and "Requiem"
Nick Searcy Deputy Ben Healy He is Lucas' deputy. He lives in fear of Buck, so much so that he covers up the murder of Merlyn Temple. All episodes, except "Damned If You Don't", "Meet the Beetles", "To Hell and Back" and "Rebirth"

Recurring guest cast

Actor/Actress Character Episodes
Chris Fennell Boone Mackenzie "Eye of the Beholder", "Dead to the World", "Damned If You Don't", "Potato Boy", "Meet the Beetles", "Strong Arm of the Law", "To Hell and Back", "Resurrector", "Echo of Your Last Goodbye"
John Mese Dr. Billy Peale "The Plague Sower", "Doctor Death Takes a Holiday", "Learning to Crawl", "Echo of Your Last Goodbye", "Triangle", "The Buck Stops Here" and "Requiem"
Alex Van Deputy Floyd "Dead to the World", "Meet the Beetles", "Learning to Crawl", "Echo of Your Last Goodbye", "Strangler", "The Buck Stops Here" and "Requiem"
Lynda Clark Rita Barber "Pilot", "The Beast Within", "Resurrector", "The Buck Stops Here" and "Requiem"
Tina Lifford Loris Holt "Eye of the Beholder", "Potato Boy", "Resurrector" and "Doctor Death Takes a Holiday"
Michael Burgess Dr. Daniel Truelane "Pilot", "A Tree Grows in Trinity", "Eye of the Beholder" and "To Hell and Back"
Robin Mullins Nurse Stacie Erichfreund "The Plague Sower", "Echo of Your Last Goodbye" and "Triangle"
Amy Dawn Anderson Nurse "The Plague Sower", "Learning to Crawl" and "Triangle"
Sarah Lynn Moore Mrs. Carol Russell "Potato Boy", "Strong Arm of the Law" and "Rebirth"
Troy Simmons Josh Davenport "Pilot", "Damned If You Don't" and "Dead to the World"
Evan Rachel Wood Rose Russell "Eye of the Beholder", "Potato Boy" and "To Hell and Back"

DVD Release

Universal Studios released the complete series of American Gothic on DVD as a Region 1 NTSC double-sided 3-disc set in the United States (October 25, 2005) and as a Region 2 PAL single-sided 6-disc set in Europe (released March 20, 2006).

The Region 1 and Region 2 Discs have the episodes in the same order (by air date as opposed to producer's intended order). The only exception is the German boxset (to be released October 5, 2007 by "Koch Media Home Entertainment"), which features all episodes in the intended order on 7 DVDs. The order is as follows:

Region 1 Release Region 2 Release Episodes
Disc 1, Side A Disc 1
  1. "Pilot" (46:48) # *
  2. "A Tree Grows in Trinity" (46:37)
  3. "Eye of the Beholder" (46:54)
  4. "Damned If You Don't" (45:58)
Disc 1, Side B Disc 2
  1. "Dead to the World" (45:17)
  2. "Meet the Beetles" (45:53)
  3. "Strong Arm of the Law" (44:17)
  4. "Rebirth" (46:13)
Disc 2, Side A Disc 3
  1. "Resurrector" (46:06)
  2. "Inhumanitas" (44:12)
  3. "The Plague Sower" (45:56)
  4. "Doctor Death Takes a Holiday" (45:32) *
Disc 2, Side B Disc 4
  1. "The Beast Within" (44:35)
  2. "To Hell and Back" (44:33) *
  3. "Learning to Crawl" (45:48) *
  4. "Triangle" (45:59) *
Disc 3, Side A Disc 5
  1. "The Buck Stops Here" (44:26) *
  2. "Requiem" (45:15) *
  3. "Potato Boy" (44:55)
Disc 3, Side B Disc 6
  1. "Ring of Fire" (46:02) *
  2. "Echo of Your Last Goodbye" (46:03) *
  3. "Strangler" (44:11)
# Bonus Materials include optional Audio Commentary for this episode.
* Bonus Materials include non-integrated deleted and/or extended scene(s) for this episode.

The intended viewing order:

Region 1 Release Region 2 Release Episode
Disc 1, Side A Disc 1 1. "Pilot"
Disc 1, Side A Disc 1 2. "A Tree Grows in Trinity"
Disc 1, Side A Disc 1 3. "Eye of the Beholder"
Disc 1, Side B Disc 2 1. "Damned if You Don't"
Disc 3, Side A Disc 5 4. "Potato Boy"
Disc 1, Side B Disc 2 2. "Dead to the World"
Disc 1, Side B Disc 2 3. "Meet the Beetles"
Disc 1, Side B Disc 2 4. "Strong Arm of the Law"
Disc 2, Side B Disc 4 3. "To Hell and Back"
Disc 2, Side B Disc 4 2. "The Beast Within"
Disc 2, Side A Disc 3 1. "Rebirth"
Disc 3, Side B Disc 6 1. "Ring of Fire"
Disc 2, Side A Disc 3 2. "Resurrector"
Disc 2, Side A Disc 3 3. "Inhumanitas"
Disc 2, Side A Disc 3 4. "The Plague Sower"
Disc 2, Side B Disc 4 1. "Doctor Death Takes a Holiday"
Disc 2, Side B Disc 4 4. "Learning to Crawl"
Disc 3, Side B Disc 6 2. "Echo of Your Last Goodbye"
Disc 3, Side B Disc 6 3. "Strangler"
Disc 3, Side A Disc 5 1. "Triangle"
Disc 3, Side A Disc 5 2. "The Buck Stops Here"
Disc 3, Side A Disc 5 3. "Requiem"

Award nominations

Year Award Result Category Recipient
1996 Saturn Award Nominated Best Genre Television Series
Artios Award Best Casting for TV, Dramatic Pilot Marc Hirschfeld, Michael A. Katcher, and Meg Liberman
Cinema Audio Society Awards Outstanding Achievement in Sound Mixing for a Television Series John Asman, Sam Black, David E. Fluhr, and Richard Van Dyke (For episode "Damned If You Don't")
Emmy Award Outstanding Individual Achievement in Sound Mixing for a Drama Series John Asman, Sam Black, David E. Fluhr, and Richard Van Dyke (For episode "Damned If You Don't")
1997 YoungStar Awards Best Performance by a Young Actor in a Drama TV Series Lucas Black

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American Gothic (1995-1996) is an American television series created by Shaun Cassidy, airing on CBS, set in the heart of South Carolina in a small town called Trinity. In this town not everyone are as they seem and everyone seems to follow their leader, Sheriff Lucas Buck... who might not be as human as he seems.


Season 1

Pilot [1.1]

Lucas: I've heard it said that the American dream is a thing of the past. That the basic tenets of home, job and family are slipping away. Well, not in my town. Where I come from that dream is still a reality. Of course, you have to know who's boss. For those who follow my lead, life can be a paradise. But for those who don't it can be a mighty rough road.

Ben: Why are you doing this to me?
Lucas: Just another lesson in perception, Ben. All guilt is relative, loyalty counts, and never let your conscience be your guide.

Lucas: Look here boy, only two roads in this world and if you're listening to anyone but me, you're on the wrong one.

Ben: You got no conscience about anything, do you?
Lucas: Conscience is just the fear of getting caught, Ben.

Merlyn: Someone's at the door.

A Tree Grows in Trinity [1.2]

Lucas: You told me this was handled.
Selena: Well I'm sorry Lucas, but I just couldn't hurt him.
Lucas: So you kept him as a pet?
Selena: I liked him, okay? To tell you the truth he kind of liked me.
Lucas: This is a real problem, Selena.
Selena: Well look, if the doctor finds him before we do, maybe it's not such a bad thing. Raphael hasn't been eating lately and I've been kinda worried about him.
Lucas: Raphael is a reporter and he's gonna report things.
Selena: He won't say a word.
Lucas: Oh really? What you do, bite off his tongue in a fit of passion?

Merlyn: Why are you still running?
Caleb: Daddy's dead Merli. I've seen his grave, yours too. Everybody's dead.
Merlyn: Not everybody... [indicates the room with the bound prisoner]
Caleb: I ain't going in there!
Merlyn: That man needs your help.
Caleb: He's a monster!
Merlyn: No. Can't you understand his pain, Caleb? He's just hurt. I would think you could understand that Caleb.

'Merlyn: Caleb, it's nice to see you again.
Caleb: For me too, Merli. The Sheriff is after me, he thinks he's my Daddy.
Merlyn: Well what do you think?
Caleb: I think he's crazy! This whole thing is crazy.
Merlyn: He wants to raise you in his image, Caleb. You can't run forever.

Eye of the Beholder [1.3]

Judge: Miss Combs?
Selena: Oh, thank you Judge. Well, I'd just like to say for the record, that I admire Miss Emory tremendously. I mean, when she told my class about living in a crack house for two weeks, just to do a first person story and how scary it was, they were all very impressed. I know I wouldn't have that kind of courage.

Damned If You Don't [1.4]

Merlyn: Caleb? You did real good. I'm proud of you. We're all proud of you.
Caleb: You was there? And Momma?
Merlyn: We were all there Caleb.
Caleb: I knew it. I could feel it Merlyn. I was happy.

Dead to the World [1.5]

Gail: [reading some of Lucas' poetry] My heart sings to you like the joy of a thousand trumpets.

Selena: Maybe we'd like to take another pass at this? [indicating Caleb's friend's homework]
Caleb: But we've got practice, the contest is tomorrow.
Selena: Well I'm aware of that Caleb, but I think this is more important, don't you?
Caleb: No!

Merlyn: You gonna shoot me too?
Caleb: Say, how long have you been here?
Merlyn: Long enough. What happened today Caleb?
Caleb: Nothing.
Merlyn: Well you're not sleeping.
Caleb: I didn't want to shoot that crow Merli. I swear. I just... something came over me.
Merlyn: Lucas is a part of you Caleb. The sooner you accept that the better.
Caleb: Does that mean I gotta be like he is?
Merlyn: No, but you can't run from him.
Caleb: Guess I can't run from you neither.

Caleb: What are you doing?
Lucas: Taking off a claw, you earned yourself a talisman.
Caleb: I don't want that thing.
Lucas: What do you mean? You killed it, you own it.
Caleb: You made me.
Lucas: Son, nobody makes anybody do anything they don't want to do in the first place.

Meet the Beetles [1.6]

Lt. Drey: Miss Coombs is not a witness. She's in my protective custody, as a matter of fact.
Lucas: She does enjoy her handcuffs.

Lucas: It's no secret Hac Weller had a thing for you.
Selena: Well so do you, when the mood strikes.
Lucas: You should be flattered.
Selena: I make the effort. So when some man doesn't come home to his little wife, he must have been with me, is that it?
Lucas: In a world of possibilities... it's a short reach.
Selena: Well then the next time the mood strikes, I suggest you reach for yourself.

Strong Arm of the Law [1.7]

Lucas: [after hanging Lowell with his own belt] Is that belt too tight, Lowell? Just hang on.

Lucas: [referring to a shovel] These things have a thousand uses.

Lucas: I was a one-man suicide hotline.

Rebirth [1.8]

Merlyn: You don't understand me either Lucas. I mean people thought I was stupid 'cause of the way I acted, but I wasn't. I just saw too much.
Lucas: I know.
Merlyn: And I know what you're trying to do now. You want me to choose to live.
Lucas: There's nothing wrong with that.
Merlyn: Except the baby dies! And then I commit the ultimate sin. And Caleb turns against me? And then you finally won. Well I'm not going to let that happen.

Merlyn: So, what did you do to him?
Lucas: Who Ray? I left him down by your grave. Crying like a baby.
Merlyn: Go ahead, come on. It's your big chance... murder me again, Lucas. Such tenderness... a mercy killing. Isn't that what you told your deputy?
Lucas: You'd had a miserable life.
Merlyn: Oh, I know I did. But I'm not going to let you ruin that for me again.
Lucas: You don't understand me Merli-ann, I'm not going to hurt you. I want you to live. You deserve it. This could be the first day of the rest of your life.

Caleb: Don't you like it where you are?
Merlyn: It's okay.
Caleb: Well, what's it like?
Merlyn: You'll find out someday.
Caleb: No tell me, Merli. Tell me.
Merlyn: It's kinda like you're underwater and you can't touch anything. There's no pain, but there's no feeling either. You just float through everything.
Caleb: Merli?
Merlyn: I wanna hold something! I wanna be held!

Merlyn: It's not fair!
Caleb: What's not fair?
Merlyn: How only some people get to be happy.
Caleb: That's just the way it is.
Merlyn: Well it shouldn't be!

Lucas: See we all have choices to make. And if people are torn, it's only because they're listening to the wrong voice. A voice that would lead them astray, seduce them with hope. Even turn a son against a father. An age old battle between good and evil... care to place your bets?

Resurrector [1.9]

Caleb: I hate you!
Lucas: And someday we'll make that hate work for you.

Inhumanitas [1.10]

Selena: [to Lucas] Well, if you gonna scream, at least come into the bedroom.

Lucas: You starting to get the picture, angel face? He's his father's son.
Merlyn: He's my brother.
Lucas: A blip in the gene pool. He's my son. He carries my spirit and if you kill me, the child becomes the man.
Merlyn: I would kill him before I would let that happen.
Lucas: Do that and you kill yourself. You only exist because of that child's faith. That too will pass when he learns his full potential. He is more powerful than you can imagine.
Merlyn: You can't destroy me Lucas.
Lucas: And you won't destroy me.

Lucas: I'm...
Selena: Scared?
Lucas: Is this what scared feels like?
Selena: I wouldn't know.
Lucas: I wanna hurt somebody, with this feeling. I wanna hurt you.
Selena: As long as I get to hurt you back.

Lucas: Evening, Miss Combs. Feeling suicidal?
Selena: What?
Lucas: Care to join me in a little masochistic nihilism?

Caleb: Why ain't you been to see me?
Merlyn: You think everybody's dead sister comes to visit them?
Caleb: Well I've been worried about you.
Merlyn: I've been worried about you too. Things are never going to be the same again, there are other people who need my help.
Caleb: Well maybe I'll just start listening to Sheriff Buck.
Merlyn: Caleb.
Caleb: Well maybe you got him wrong Merli. He's been nice to me. Like a father. Well he is my Daddy ain't he?
Merlyn: He raped our mother, Caleb.
Caleb: So who are these other people you're gonna be helping?
Merlyn: Ones who aren't as strong as you.
Caleb: They gonna know it's Merlyn helping them?
Merlyn: People see me as they want to, Caleb. You're the only one who's looking for Merlyn.

The Plague Sower [1.11]

Caleb: And what about me? I spent time with Lucas. You gonna make me sick and crazy too?!
Merlyn: Well of course not, I love you.
Caleb: Well then love them too Merli, all of them. All of us down here, we need it.

Doctor Death Takes a Holiday [1.12]

The Beast Within [1.13]

Lucas: Hey, we understand. Caleb lost his Daddy too. I've tried to be there for him, but he just keeps... resisting. Maybe this little adventure will make him realize how important a father can be.

Gail: There's a lesson in everything. Isn't that what you said to Caleb? What's our lesson here? What is it that we're supposed to learn from this little adventure?
Lucas: Patience, I guess.
Gail: No. Patience is a virtue. You wouldn't be interested in that.

To Hell and Back [1.14]

Caleb: I don’t care how American it is, I hate apple pie.

Merlyn: Do you know what happens to dogs when they die, Caleb?
Caleb: What happens to 'em?
Merlyn: They get to run free all day long. And in the night time, they get to rest at the feet of their masters.

Lucas: No, sir, it's just that it ain't easy being me. And I imagine it ain't exactly a walk in the park being you, either.
Matt: You don't know anything about me.
Lucas: I know you've got more than your share of demons.
Matt: You don't know anything about my demons.
Lucas: Of course I do. I know you're still beating yourself up for puking on little Claire's Christmas presents when she was six.... For missing her school play three years in a row, even though you absolutely meant to be there. But you know what they say - the road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

Lucas: [to Matt] By the way, I know you think you came down here to work off your debt to society, to do penance for that...terrible tragedy. But I got news for you, my friend: You didn't choose Trinity. Trinity chose you.

Learning to Crawl [1.15]

Lucas: Either the appetite goes, or it becomes voracious. Pleasures disappear, tension comes over the face and body and the addict takes over the soul.

Lucas: Caleb, this... romantic love thing.
Selena: What do you know about it?
Lucas: From observation, quite a bit. It's really an addiction. No different than booze or drugs or cigarettes. And when you're in its clutches you no longer see the truth. You become totally selfish.
Selena: Look who's talking.
Lucas: And selfless at the same time. It makes you... stupid. Take Miss Coombs here.
Caleb: She's not stupid.
Selena: Thank you, darling.

Lucas: In love you've got to go straight to the heart.
Selena: That's why they invented the dagger.

Lucas: You know what a conscience is?
Caleb: It's like, when you do something wrong and it bothers you?
Lucas: Well, not me.

Merlyn: Hello Caleb.
Caleb: I'm dead, ain't I?
Merlyn: God's plan works for us all.
Caleb: Always figured I'd be afraid.
Merlyn: Well you belong here.
Lucas: Couldn't agree more. Although it may just be that your timing's off a little bit. You see Caleb; your sister isn't telling you everything. You still have a choice.
Caleb: Why didn't you tell me Merli?
Lucas: Cause she's afraid Caleb. She's afraid if you live a long and healthy life, you'll make all the wrong choices. See, there's that word again, choice.
Caleb: You don't want me to go, do you?
Merlyn: I love you Caleb. It's your choice.

Triangle [1.16]

Gail: You know what pregnancy is? It's an uncontrollable tumor growing inside of you. Saps all you strength, has its own agenda. And after nine months it goes into remission and your body rejects it.

Selena: What did you do, Lucas?
Lucas: You know me better than that love. I don't do anything. Things just happen.

Selena: Lucas wrote the book on keeping women in the palm of his hand.
Gail: What page are you on?
Selena: Oh, Lucas keeps me in an entirely different library.
Gail: The public?

Gail: You don’t have a heart. You’re not even human.
Lucas: Some would consider that a positive, not a negative.

Lucas: We're meant to be together, you know that.
Gail: No! None of this was meant to happen!

The Buck Stops Here (1) [1.17]

Gail: [to Selena, about Lucas] You’re more dead than he is.

Caleb: You ever heard of the "all seeing eye", Merli?
Merlyn: Yes. What's your point?
[Caleb points to his forehead]
Caleb: It's right here.
Merlyn: This is Lucas' voice I'm hearing.
Caleb: Novus Ordo Seclorum. The old order of the ages is born anew. That's me too.
Merlyn: Caleb, Lucas is a part of you. But that don't mean you have to be like him.
Caleb: I know.
Merlyn: The day will come you'll have to choose your path and I want you to be strong enough to resist his influence.
Caleb: I know Merli, I know. Don't worry. The buck stops here.

Requiem (2) [1.18]

Merlyn: What's happened with my brother?
[Lucas is alive in his coffin]
Lucas: Notice a little change have you? Now why don't you help me out of here and I'll explain everything over a cup of java?
Merlyn: I want you to die.
Lucas: You may get your wish, Merli-ann. But what you seem to have forgotten is that Caleb will just pick up the sword. If he hasn't already.
Merlyn: His behavior is changing.
Lucas: And I'm only sick. Imagine how charming he'll be after I suffocate. Get me out Merli. I get healthy and Caleb will turn around. But if I die, you'll see a monster in that child like you've never known before.

Caleb: I smell a ghost.
Merlyn: You don't have to be this way. You have a choice.
Caleb: I think I smell a sermon too.
Merlyn: I'm your sister, Caleb. I'm just as big a part of you as Lucas is.
Caleb: You are nothing but ashes. I'm tired of your preaching. I'm tired of your white dress and I don't want to see you no more. So why don't you just go somewhere and decompose.
Merlyn: Caleb, what are you doing?
Caleb: Taking what's mine. And if you just try to stop me, you might die twice.

Merlyn: Well, at least you're alive. And since I helped bring you back, you're going to do the same for Caleb.
Lucas: Are you suggesting that we had a deal.
Merlyn: Yes.
Lucas: News to me.
Merlyn: Look I don't have time for your games, Lucas. Gail is pregnant with your child.
Lucas: So? That's just a little insurance policy, case the boy don't go my way. An heir and a spare.
Merlyn: The heir is about to eliminate the competition.

Gail: What's happened to you?
Caleb: I guess I've seen my potential. And I ain't willing to share it. You can't have no baby, Gail.

Caleb: Lucas?
Lucas: It's all right, son.
Caleb: What happened?
Lucas: You fell.
Caleb: Where's Merli?
Lucas: Gone.
Caleb: Gone where?
Lucas: I believe she's part of you now. There had to be a sacrifice, Caleb. One of us had to go... and it wasn't going to be me.

Lucas: You listen to me boy. I know what you're feeling. Believe me, I live with the rage every day of my life. It's part of who we are; it's what we feed on. And one day the world will know your power. But not yet, Caleb. As soon as I'm healed, the hunger that's driving you will disappear and you'll be as you were. And when it's your time, I'll gladly step aside. But I'm not ready to do that yet. And you're not ready to make me.

Potato Boy [1.19]

Lucas: You know what a mentor is?
Caleb: Half-man, half-beast?
Lucas: That's a Minotaur. A mentor's like a father, a wise advisor.
Caleb: You want to be my mentor?
Lucas: I'll help you find the way, Caleb. Growing up's like groping in the dark, sometimes you need someone with a flashlight.

Lucas: Poor Ben. He feels cheated. Sold his soul and now he's all alone with what might have been. Well, too bad.

Lucas: Everyone needs to feel safe. Some folks would lay all of Trinity's troubles at my doorstep, but hell; might as well blame the trailer park for attracting lightning bolts and tornados. I mean, I had a hand in certain things. But everybody's got free will... I just give them enough rope to hang themselves. Course their lives would be a whole lot easier if they'd just take my hand, just say yes.

Ring of Fire [1.20]

Gail: Then what? you own my soul?
Lucas: I don't want your soul.

Matt: [to Gail, imitating Lucas] I killed your folks, and I'm how about a little kiss?

Selena: [teasing Gail] He’s got strange taste, doesn't he, Miss Emory?

Echo of Your Last Goodbye [1.21]

Strangler [1.22]


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