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American Professional Football League
American Professional Football League
Sport Indoor football
Founded 2003
No. of teams 4
Country(ies)  United States
Most recent champion(s) Iowa Blackhawks
Official website APFL

The American Professional Football League (APFL) is a Midwestern-based semi-professional indoor football league founded in 2003. The league's makeup consists of a few professional teams along with other semi-pro teams that play partial schedules. At the end of each season, the playoffs are contested between the pro teams. The league's most successful team has been the Kansas Koyotes, although their streak of six consecutive championships was broken in a title game loss to the Iowa Blackhawks.


League membership

2010 Confirmed Teams

Former teams

a. St. Joseph Storm was suspended from the league before the 2006 season began. Kansas City Thunderstorm and Columbia Outlaws played in their place.
b. This team only played road games and a reduced schedule.

League champions

Year Champion Runner-up Semi-finalist(s)
2003 Kansas Koyotes Missouri Minutemen None (only championship game held)
2004[10] Kansas Koyotes Missouri Minutemen Iowa Blackhawks
2005[11] Kansas Koyotes Iowa Blackhawks Wichita Aviators
2006[12] Kansas Koyotes Wichita Aviators Iowa Blackhawks
2007[13] Kansas Koyotes Iowa Blackhawks Conroe Storm
2008 Kansas Koyotes Beaumont Drillers Iowa Blackhawks (North), Conroe Storm (South)
2009 Iowa Blackhawks Kansas Koyotes Springfield Wolfpack

2007 season

In 2007, the APFL had their most competitive season ever. The addition of the Conroe Storm added another quality opponent, and there were more competitive games than previous years. Iowa finally beat Kansas winning 50-32 in Council Bluffs. Conroe won games on the road over both the Iowa and Kansas clubs. Even the new Omaha team gave the Koyotes a run for their money losing in the last two minutes of the game 45-33. At seasons end, Iowa, Conroe and Kansas had qualified for the playoffs. Iowa traveled to Conroe for the semifinal round and defeated the Storm in a back and forth contest 32-26. The following week Iowa traveled to Kansas for a spirited Championship game.[14] The halftime score was tight, 20-15. However, the Koyotes pulled away in the second half lead by their staunch defense shutting out the Blackhawks in the second half. The final score was 39-15.

Interleague play

The APFL has been one of few leagues in which teams have been actively involved in interleague games and scrimmages. In 2005 and 2006 the Missouri Minutemen played against the River City Rage, then playing in the NIFL, losing both contests. Before the 2006 season, the Iowa Blackhawks played a scrimmage for charity against the Omaha Beef of the UIF. In 2007, the Beaumont Drillers of the NIFL played in several exhibitions with the Conroe Storm after both teams' schedules had been affected by teams folding. Some games counted towards the Beaumont Drillers' NIFL record, and other games counted towards the Conroe Storm's APFL (as forfeits, because the other team didn't show up).


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