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American Security Council Foundation
File:Logo ascf small.jpg
Formation 1958
Headquarters Washington, D.C.
President & CEO Dr. Henry A. Fischer

The American Security Council Foundation (ASCF) is a non-profit organization that seeks to influence United States foreign policy by "Promoting Peace through Strength".[1] The ASCF was formed in 1958, and was originally known as the Institute for American Strategy[2]. For over 50 years the Foundation has focused on a wide range of educational programs which address critical challenges to U.S. foreign policy, national security, economic security and moral leadership of the United States of America. The ASCF operates out of offices in Washington, DC and Florida.[3]



The ASCF has received credit for developing programs and strategies that have been adopted as the foreign policy and national security strategy of the United States.[4]

This mission was mentioned in the Guidelines for Cold War Victory, a 1963 publication of the ASCF, and was additionally praised by former President Dwight Eisenhower in his radio address to the nation that was recorded at the ASCF’s request.

In 1978, the ASCF created the National Strategy for Peace Through Strength. This has been accredited numerous times for providing the overall theme for the administration of former President Ronald Reagan[5] Former President Regan acknowledged the ASCF on multiple occasions and claimed America won the Cold War by adhering to this doctrine. President Reagan remarked that: "One thing is certain. If we're to continue to advance world peace and human freedom, America must remain strong. If we have learned anything these last eight years, it's that peace through strength works".[6]

The ASCF worked to have the United States government publish an official National Security Strategy. This was first implemented by President Reagan in 1985. All of his successors are legally required to produce a similar document that analyzes the security priorities and concerns of the nation. The most recent National Security Strategy was unveiled at West Point by former President George W. Bush on June 6, 2002. This speech has been referenced by the news media as the "unilateral" or "preemption" strategy.[7]


During the 1980s the ASCF was contracted by Iran-Contra operatives at the National Security Council to produce anti-Sandanista propaganda films, such as Crisis in the Americas[8].

Board Members

  • Dr. Henry A. Fischer (President & CEO)
  • Brigadier General Donald B. Smith (Chairman & Treasurer)
  • Governor George Pataki (Vice-Chairman)
  • General Frederick Kroesen (First Vice President)
  • Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum
  • Major General John C. Thompson
  • Robert Johnson
  • Dan Corrigan
  • Betsy Fischer
  • Mark Renehan
  • Elly Manov




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