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American Staghound
Other names Staghound
Country of origin United States

The American Staghound is a type of sighthound that is used in hunting to course stag. Although they have been bred for many years, the American Staghound is not currently recognized as a dog breed, nor is there interest in doing so. Their ability to course hare and/or coyotes is all that matters to their owners.[1]



Unmistakably a Longdog, typically Greyhound in appearance, but with much more rugged feet, thicker skin, and more coat. They have excellent eyesight and some will use their scenting ability to wind (detect scent in the air) game. They have three recognized coat types, the shag, broken, and slick. Some are known to approach the speed of a track Greyhound (hot blood), but all have greater endurance and durability.

They range in height from 24 to 30 inches (61-77 cm) at the withers and weigh between 45 and 100 lbs (20–45 kg). The females are slightly smaller in size than the males.

(usually a mix between a greyhound and a deerhound)


Some are known to experience torsion bloat if exercised shortly after eating due to their sighthound heritage, but carry no other genetic health problems. Typical life span is 12–14 years.


Staghounds are very calm and affectionate, making wonderful companion dogs in addition to their running abilities. Because of their sighthound heritage, they make poor guard dogs as they are seldom territorial. However, ones that will bark at strangers can make good watch dogs, owing to their great eyesight. Most have a high prey drive and may consider any smaller animal running away from them to be quarry, even if it buddies in the house.

They require little exercise as they are happy just lying around the house, and so are suitable for apartment living. Even without exercise, they will be very fast. They need to be kept leashed in public, unless in a secure area.


The current American Staghound is a result of unknown breeding between Scottish Deerhound, Greyhound and several other breeds. The staghound appeared with its current characteristics in the 1800s. They were originally bred to hunt predators such as the wolf and coyote. General George Custer used a staghound in 1846 as part of his hunting pack. They were also used for hunting by Theodore Roosevelt and Ernest Thompson Seton.

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