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Ameriphobia is the irrational fear and/or hatred of America, Americans or their culture. Ameriphobia encompasses the belief that all or most Americans are stupid, fat, bad, racist, or generally inferior. It is viewed as a new form of racism whereby Americans, a diverse and multicultural group, not a race, are nevertheless constructed as a race. A set of negative assumptions are made of the entire group to the detriment of members of that group.


During the 1990s some sociologists and cultural analysts hypothesized that there was a shift in forms of prejudice from ones based on skin colour to ones based on notions of cultural superiority and otherness Others, however, disagree, and hold that modern forms of prejudice are not substantially different from similar forms of prejudice that have existed in many other places and times.

The term 'phobia' emphasizes the irrational aspect of the term, and differs in intent and content from the more common anti-Americanism, which as an 'ism' seems like an ideology. Proponents of the term Ameriphobia resist lumping the two terms together. This concept is a parallel or mirror of the current usage of Islamophobia and is meant to play a part in the debate about the US-Muslim relationship, recognizing the possibility of irrationality and 'racism' on both sides.


An Ameriphobe is someone who hates America. Ameriphobic is an adjective describing such a person or attitude. Ameriphobia is the general concept.


Critics charge that terms like Ameriphobia do not make sense because America is not a race but a mixture of peoples. This is countered however by the analysis about about the changing nature of prejudice. Scientists doubt also the existence of distinct human races, so such a criteria would seem obsolete.

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