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Amphibious means able to use either land or water. In particular it may refer to:

  • Amphibious warfare, warfare carried out on both land and water
  • Amphibians, vertebrate animals of the Class Amphibia (many of which live on land and breed in water)
  • Amphibious insects, invertebrate animals of the Class Insecta (many of which live in the air and breed in water, such as Odonata and the mosquito larvae their larvae eat.)
  • Amphibious vehicle, a vehicle capable of being driven on both land and water
  • Amphibious aircraft, an aircraft capable of landing on water
  • Amphibious fish, fish that are able to leave water for extended periods of time

Amphibious may also incorrectly (or humorously) refer to someone who is ambidextrous. See ambidexterity


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