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Moussa speaks to journalists at the World Economic Forum, Davos, Switzerland, 2007
Moussa with then President of Russia Vladimir Putin in Cairo on 27 April 2005.

Amre Moussa (Arabic: عمرو موسى‎; born 1936) has been the Secretary-General of the League of Arab States since his election to the position in May 2001. He is a former Egyptian Foreign Minister and diplomat.

He served as Cairo’s ambassador to India in 1984 and as Egypt’s ambassador to the United Nations in 1990. He was appointed Foreign Minister in the cabinet of then-Prime Minister Atef Sedki in 1991 and remained in this position until 2001.

Critics of current Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak allege that Moussa's appointment to the Office of Secretary-General of the Arab League was motivated by Mubarak's desire to remove him from the public spotlight.

In 2004 an online community gathered tens of thousands of signatures petitioning for Moussa to run in the 2005 elections, but there was no response. In a Doha Debate Forum televised by the BBC in 2006[1], Moussa was asked about his Presidential hopes. Moussa merely replied that he hoped to continue the recent run of successes that have occurred under his leadership at the Arab League until the end of his term.

In 2009, he signed a memorandum of understanding with the Holy See and met with Pope Benedict XVI in order to strengthen joint projects and to promote peace and dialogue on a cultural and political level. [1]

Possible presidential candidacy

When asked about rumours that he might run for Presidency in 2011, Amr Moussa did not deny his intention to run for office or rule it out, leaving the door open to speculations. He argued that "It's the right of every citizen that has the capacity and efficiency to aspire to any political office that would allow him to contribute to the service of his nation"[2]. He further stated to the press that the qualities required to be the President of Egypt also apply to Gamal Mubarak, son of the Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, say that citizenship, rights and obligations apply to him can be also apply to Gamal Mubarak[3]. He also expressed appreciation "for the confidence expressed by many people when they talk about his candidacy for the presidency and that the message reached him."[4].

Amr Moussa held talks with Mohamed Elbaradei after his return to Egypt. Many speculate that this meeting was held to discuss Constitutional reforms that will allow transparency in the election process as well as lifting restrictions on independent candidates.

Preceded by
Ahmed Asmat Abdel-Meguid
Secretary-General of the Arab League
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