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Coordinates: 34°50′7″N 35°54′27″E / 34.83528°N 35.9075°E / 34.83528; 35.9075

The Temple of Amrit.

Amrit, also known as Marathos (Ancient Greek Μάραθος) or Marathus, was an ancient city located near Tartous in Syria. It was founded during the Amorites period, 3rd millennium BC.

The city was known as Amrit or Amurre in ancient Canaanite. In the time of Alexander the Great, Amrit was known by the Greek name of Marathos (or the Latin equivalent Marathus). It was one of the biggest cities in the East. Coins minted here in the 2nd and 3rd century BC imply that Amrit played an important economical role. It was under Aradus (Arwad) domination.

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