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"An Evening With Mr. Yang"
Psych episode
Mr. Yang is taken into custody
Episode no. Season 3
Episode 16
Written by Andy Berman
Directed by Mel Damski
Original airdate February 20, 2009
Guest stars

Ally Sheedy as Mr. Yang
Cybill Shepherd as Madeleine Spencer
Rachael Leigh Cook as Abigail Lytar
Jimmi Simpson as Mary Lightly
Sage Brocklebank as Buzz McNab
Emma Lahana as the Waitress

Episode chronology
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"Tuesday the 17th" "Extradition: British Columbia"
Psych (season 3)
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"An Evening With Mr. Yang" is the sixteenth episode of the third season of Psych, and is the 47th episode overall. It introduced the characters of Mr. Yang (Ally Sheedy) and Mary Lightly (Jimmi Simpson).


Shawn and Gus are seated in an outdoor cafe, when Shawn begins to flirt with their waitress (Emma Lahana). After a dare, Shawn calls a girl he once stood up in high school, Abigail Lytar, and asks her to a date, and she agrees. However, Chief Vick calls upon the services of Psych, telling the duo to travel to the SBPD immediately. It turns out that Mr. Yang, a devious serial killer, has returned, after killing six people in 1995 and two others at later times, Mr. Yang is said only to reappear when he thinks there is someone smart enough to play his game, and Shawn is that someone. Shawn is his target in this round, providing clues that only mean something to him. After the protests of his father and mother (Cybill Shepherd), Shawn agrees to accept Mr. Yang's challenge. During the briefing, Shawn accuses Mary Lightly (Jimmi Simpson) of being Mr. Yang. However, Mary is simply the department psychologist, who has had dealings with Yang in the past. After several frustrating attempts to rescue Yang's hostage (who is revealed to be Shawn and Gus's waitress), the Psych founders and the SBPD part ways in an attempt to catch Yang. Meanwhile, Shawn is forced to postpone his date with Abigail until later in the evening. Eventually, Shawn is fed up with Yang and tries to leave the game. However, Yang releases his hostage and takes Madeleine (Shawn's mother) instead. Shawn and Gus finally catch up with Yang at a drive-in movie theater. Mr. Yang has strapped Madeleine to a bomb, which can be set off by a remote detonator. Shawn finds a car containing Mr. Yang, who actually turns out to be a woman (Ally Sheedy). She talks with Shawn about fate and destiny before handing over the detonator in an attempt to win Shawn over. However, he exits the car, and Madeleine is safe. Mr. Yang is taken into custody. Shawn enters the theater and is approached by Detective O'Hara. She tells him her true feelings, and asks him on a date. He is forced to confess that he is already on one with Abigail, and O'Hara leaves. Shawn and Abigail are finally able to enjoy their date, while being accompanied by Gus.


  • Ally Sheedy and Jimmi Simpson reprised their roles as Mr. Yang and Mary Lightly in the season four finale, Mr. Yin Presents.
  • Rachael Leigh Cook first appeared in Murder? ... Anyone? ... Anyone? ... Bueller? (3.02) and reprised her role as Abigail Lytar in several episodes of season four, including Mr. Yin Presents.
  • Mr. Yang told Shawn she would write a book about the two of them, which she later did, as shown in Mr. Yin Presents. The book is called Yang: The Whole Story and is subtitled From Serial Dater to Serial Killer: How Murder Kept Me Skinny.

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