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Analog or analogue may refer to:


In literature and language

  • Analog, an object, concept or situation which in some way resembles a different situation:
    • Analog (literature), a literary work that shares motifs, characters or events with another, but is not directly derived from it
    • Analogy, in language, a comparison between concepts

In technology

  • Analog (program), a computer program that analyzes log files from web servers
  • Analog Devices, a semiconductor company
  • Analog signal, a variable signal that is continuous in time and amplitude, as opposed to a digital or discrete signal:
    • Analog clock, a clock or watch that represents time by position on a dial
    • Analog computer, a computer based on continuous electrical or mechanical phenomena
    • Analog circuits, circuits which use analog signals
    • Analog photography, photography in which the image is recorded as an analog (as on film)
    • Analog recording, audio or video information recorded as an analog signal
    • Analog television, television picture and sound information encoded and transmitted as an analog signal
    • Analog verification, the act of verifying that an analog circuit will function as expected.

In science

In entertainment


  • Meat analog, any of several types of non-meat meat imitations or substitutes
  • Federal Analog Act, a section of the DEA Controlled Substances Act


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