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The Anarchist
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The Anarchist
Mike Allred, artist
Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance X-Force vol. 1 #116 (May 2001)
Created by Peter Milligan
Mike Allred
In-story information
Alter ego Tike Alicar
Species Human Mutant
Team affiliations X-Force
Abilities Acid generation,
Acidic blasts

The Anarchist (Tike Alicar) is a fictional character from Marvel Comics.

He was a member of the superhero team X-Statix. The Anarchist first appeared in X-Force #116 and was created by Peter Milligan and Mike Allred. He could sweat acid, which allowed him to fire acidic blasts of energy from his hands.

The Anarchist considered himself the "token black guy" of the team.


Fictional character biography

Alicar was adopted and raised by a white family. He grew up in Canada. He suffered from obsessive compulsive disorder, which made him obsessed with being clean by washing his hands repeatedly.



He joined X-Force[1] when the team was still led by Zeitgeist. While giving an interview (naked) to a reporter, he blows open a roof in the Beverly Hills Four Season hotel. When challenged by the police, he shouts that he is now in X-Force, therefore he can do anything. After the Boyz 'R Us massacre, only he and U-Go Girl survive. Both of them challenged each other for leadership of the new team, even accusing each other of having orchestrated the massacre of their fellow teammates (and the innocent members of the boy band). The position went to newcomer Orphan. Alicar didn't mind, stating that he just wanted to become leader to spite U-Go-Girl. It is later revealed that Alicar was supposed to die in the Boyz R Us massacre, in a plan created by the team leader Coach and Zeitgeist himself. Coach is later slain when attempting to rape U-Go-Girl.

At an unspecified point, Tike goes gambling with Phat and Vivisector. He uses his powers to gain a large quantity of money. He then gives it to a middle-aged prostitute, urging her to retire.

During the last mission as X-Force in which they had to terminate the Bush Rangers[2], Anarchist, Orphan, U-Go-Girl and Doop find themselves trapped in a small ship that was drifting aimlessly in space. This fit in well with Alicar's fears of being doomed now they had a new black member on the team, named Spike. The four find an escape pod which could only fit two adults and Doop. They decide that the two who would board the pod had to win a game of chance with a die. Anarchist purposely loses by using his powers. Due to the efforts of the other team members, Anarchist is rescued. In spite of all of them surviving, U-Go-Girl still perishes in a battle with the last surviving enemy soldier. The Spike also dies in the crossfire. [3].


When they changed their name to X-Statix, Anarchist finds himself becoming closer to Orphan due to U-Go-Girl's demise. He became romantically involved with his teammate Dead Girl, which he first considered as novelty but he soon develops real feelings for her. Anarchist (and his team) become so famous they could commit crimes without fear. He even once broke into a jewelry store and is later thanked by the owner for the resultant publicity. For a time, the team splits up, with Anarchist and Dead Girl performing shows on their own. They all return, mostly out of loyalty to Orphan, who had become embroiled in a zombie invasion.

It was also once insinuated that Anarchist had an attraction to Venus Dee Milo, but that idea was abandoned soon after. He became leader of the team[4] when the Orphan temporarily leaves. At one point Anarchist even conspires with the other members to kill the newcomer to the team, Henrietta Hunter; they are persuaded not to.

On their last mission, all the X-Statix survivors are killed. Alicar is gunned down[5], dying side by side with Orphan, after having slain many of their opponents. They did not even know who their enemies were though they wore the exact same uniform as the gunmen in the 'Boyz R Us' massacre. Anarchist was the last of the two survivors of the team, having lived longer then anyone else.


After finding himself in Hell, Anarchist joins forces with a group of deceased supervillains, including Mysterio, Kraven the Hunter, and Miss America. Led by the mysterious Pitiful One, they attempted to return from the dead. Although they failed, Anarchist found romance with Miss America, and at the end it is implied by the Orphan that they both are allowed to enter Heaven as a result of choosing to rebel against the villains.[6].


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