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| style="font-size: 160%; margin-left: inherit;" | Micronation of Anatefca
| align="center" |
<br /> Flag
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<br /> 2002 Flag
| Type of entity:
| Micronation
| Location:
| Phoenix, New York
| Membership:
| > 10 permanent members
| Date of foundation:
| 25 February, 2002
| Leadership:
| Unknown
| Purported organisational structure:
| Democracy
| Languages:
| English
| Utilized currency:
| US Dollar

Anatefca is a sub-culture group within the Village of Phoenix, NY. This useage and spelling of Anatefca is not to be mistaken with Anatevka, the name of a jewish shtetl from the play fiddler on the roof.

Most of the influences of the group come from pop-culture references, such as, the televison program Family Guy, and Adult Swim Television programing.

Recently, due to successes in a measure of popular recognition with various underground groups of the villiage of phoenix, Anatefca has been prompted by some of it's members to attempt to gain recognition as a Micronation, attempts towards this end are currently underway.

The nation of anatefca was founded in 2002 by a group of five anti-prohibitionist students in Phoenix who saught to challange the Moral high ground of the local SADD chapter, angered by the imprisonment and expulsion of certain allied students who had been targeted for discriminatory reasons during one of the school's so called "drug scares".

To this day, the main political goal of Anatefca has been the repeal of laws inciting Marijuana prohibition, and the current Drinking age in the united states. This is a goal that has met with fierce resistance from the local SADD contingent. most "Anatefcans" however are reportedly non-activist.

The names of the founder of anatefca, and it's current members, are unknown. Most members refer to each other by way of code names, such as: Hamburgler, Lenin, Kitty, Ninja, Redneck-emo, "ling-ling", Bobby Darin, Zeebra Hunter, or Shady. much in the way that patrons of internet based videogames brand themselves with usernames, excepting the lack of numbers in the names.

Although anatefca has never been mentioned in any official report, they have been speculated to have caused most of the anti-prohibitionist sentiment within the area of phoenix, and to have had minimal activity within a sphere of rural area consisting of 12 land miles surrounding the official limits of the municipality.

currently, the Unrecognized Micronation of Anatefca has 10 unofficaily recognized members that function as a board of directors, however the number of uncounted members ranges from 30-250.

Most of Anatefca's propaganda campaigns are admittedly based around simple absurdist ideas such as starting a long round of applause in the local high-school auditorium for no apparent reason, begin chanting the words to A whiter shade of pale by Procol Harum, this spectacle's clapping then proceedes to spread across the room. In effect inciting a meaningless revolution of "Sound and fury, signifying nothing". mostly, these activities are incited simply for entertainment purposes, although are often to draw the attention of many aggravated students and faculty.

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