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André Maturette
Born France
Died French Guiana
Nationality French
Other names Maturette
Occupation Criminal
Known for Prison sentence with Henri Charriere

André Maturette (lived around 1915–1939) was an inmate in the French Guiana prison colony of Devil's Island who attempted to escape with Henri Charrière, and Joanes Clousiot. According to Charrière's half-fictitious autobiography, Maturette was born in France and was arrested in 1932 when he was seventeen for the murder of a taxi cab driver. He was originally sentenced to death by guillotine but was later sentenced to life because of his young age. Maturette was sent to the penal colony in French Guiana in early 1933 where he met Henri Charriere and Joanes Clousiot who he would escape with. On the night of November 21, 1933, Maturette escaped from the hospital in Cayenne prison with Henri Charriere and Clousiot. The three went to a leper colony and bought a boat from the lepers, the leader of whom was Toussaint. They were all recaptured in Santa Marta and were sent to solitary confinement. Clousiot died shortly after being released from solitary, where he served a 2 year sentence. Henri Charriere survived solitary confinement and successfully escaped from Devil's Island on a bag of coconuts, while Maturette stayed in Royale working in the hospital. Robert Deman acted Maturette in the film Papillon.


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