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Andrew Kepple
Born 18 December 1979 (1979-12-18) (age 30)
Nationality New Zealander
Area(s) Cartoonist
Pseudonym(s) Too Much Spare Time, TmsT, King Sluggy, CyberSponge

Andrew Kepple (born December 18, 1979), also known on the Internet as Too Much Spare Time or simply TmsT, formerly King Sluggy[1], and twice as CyberSponge, is an animator and cartoonist from New Zealand. He had his start as a webcomic artist (with comics such as Goodbye Cruel World[2] and Ignatius the Dragon (also published in the University of Canterbury student magazine Canta in 2004)[3]) and regular contributor to and workshop attendee of Funtime Comics. After making some animated GIFs, Andrew started making cartoons from Macromedia Flash. He still creates some webcomics today, and graduated from Freelance Animation School in 2007. His first Macromedia cartoon was called Bedtime Stories with Alan Rickman, made during the earliest weeks of his experience with Flash animating. After numerous web-server problems and hard-drive crashes, it is believed to no longer exist. Many of his works today can be seen on Newgrounds where they receive popular acclaim[4]. His work has also achieved widespread success on Albino Blacksheep, where he won first place in their annual Tournament Of Flash Artists (TOFA) in 2008. He currently lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.


Kepple and animutations

Kepple is well-known for his animutations, a genre popularized by Neil Cicierega. Perhaps his best known animutation is French Erotic Film, which has nothing to do with French pornography, but played with Dutch music (Opblaaskrokodil by Ome Henk) done with mondegreened lyrics, thus the name. It later spun off to a trilogy where Colin Mochrie embarks on a quest to defeat the evil plastic Jesus H. Christ. The other two episodes were Plan 9 from Underpants (to the tune of De Kabouterdans from Kabouter Plop) and Conquest of Animutopia (to the tune of Conquest of Paradise by Vangelis). One year later, Kepple released a tribute, French Erotic Birthday.

Kepple also made a tribute cartoon to animutation itself, called Hyakugojyuuichi Forever!!, played to the tune of Lemon Demon's Hyakugojyuuichi 2003. He was also involved in a few scenes from the Fingertips Collaboration. Semi-animutational projects like The Truth About Spongebob Squarepants, Dopefission and Stephen Hawking: The Musical Tribute are other examples of his early, experimental Flash animation style.

Lemon Demon music videos

Kepple often works alongside Lemon Demon and has animated music videos for several of his songs. These include I've Got Some Falling to Do, When Robots Attack, Geeks in Love, Fiberglass Monkey and most recently, Bad Idea

The videos have had reasonable success on Newgrounds, with the exception of I've Got Some Falling To Do, which Kepple never posted there. In its preloader, the text reads: "If this movie is on, then it has been stolen." This is because he never wanted that video on Newgrounds. This one-time boycott of Newgrounds was done as a small protest against the negative attitudes of many Newgrounds users towards animutations, in particular animutations made by people who are not very well known. The video of I've Got Some Falling To Do has often been stolen and uploaded by Newgrounds users, only to find it deleted by moderators a short time later. Bad Idea was exclusively on AlbinoBlackSheep due to sponsorship, although recently, the movie was uploaded on Newgrounds, and Hyakugojyuuichi Forever was simply omitted upon creation of the then filesize limit of 5 MB. It has since been added to Newgrounds after the filesize limit was raised.

He is occasionally confused (especially on Newgrounds) with Shawn Vulliez, AKA AltF4, the creator of some other Lemon Demon music videos, most notably The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny.

Series Flashes

Although it is just a start, Kepple did indeed create a few series of his own. The first is the Up Skit Creek sketch series, created in 2005. So far, there is Up Skit Creek,Up Skit Creek 2 and Up Skit Creek 3, the latter two using voices from various people, much of them from the animutation and Lemon Demon community, especially Neil Cicierega.

Later, he released StrifeToons, a cartoon series based on the web comic called This Strife or more recently Strife Strips. It involves computer game characters from the era of shareware, such as Duke Nukem, the Space Marine from Doom, (named "Doom Marine" in this series), and Commander Keen, and their adventures in the city of Strifedale. There are three episodes, and one pseudoepisode, when Duke Nukem and Doom Marine received an email. Episode 3 was released on September 9, 2006. A live action movie based on a scene in episode one was made, titled "Duke Nukem The Movie", by one of Kepple's fans. It was made as a project in his college course and included many other scenes not seen in StrifeToons.

A fourth episode with no title as yet is currently "under construction", featuring new voice actors for the characters of Duke Nukem and Commander Keen. As of 2009 Kepple has confirmed that he has canned StrifeToons, but claims that he will finish the partly-animated fourth episode "when Duke Nukem Forever is released."

As part of an entry for Albino Blacksheep's Tournament of Flash Artists in 2008, Kepple released a pilot of the new series Mindy Learns a Moral. While there has been no sign of the sequel as yet, a short skit featuring Mindy and Hugh Laurie, called HOSUE (sic) was released by Kepple in January 2009.

Other projects

Kepple's recent interest in Flash-based browser games has resulted in only a few finished game projects, mainly parodies of existing games or genres. Whack A Moleman and Furry Punching Nitro are indicative of Kepple's bent for pop culture- and internet culture- related games.

Notable Flash movies include:

  • Frosty vs. Rudolf: Frosty the Snowman and Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer battle to the death over who is Santa's sidekick, until the one TRUE Christmas Mascot claims its victory.
  • Ignatius vs. Dodgy: A conceptually similar cartoon to Frosty vs. Rudolf, it featured two university mascots battling each other around photographic backdrops of the University of Canterbury until their showdown is broken up by a well-known security guard at the university. Naturally, the only thing left to do then was to spontaneously break into a promotional song for the University of Canterbury Students' Association (UCSA), to the tune of the Village People's YMCA.
  • I've Got Some Falling to Do: Redubbed: The music video for I've Got Some Falling to Do, only played to the tune of "Weird Al" Yankovic's Bohemian Polka, a high-tempo cover of the Bohemian Rhapsody.
  • Legos 9-11. A two-part political satire, with each part from one scene of each of the first two Up Skit Creek episodes.
  • Newsbleat. A satirical news series made especially for Albino Blacksheep, and was released on August 2006. The host is, of course, named Albino Blacksheep. The first episode contained jokes of the dispute on Pluto, Michael Moore, Snakes on a Plane, and the Microsoft Zune.
  • Only Superhuman: God created man, but was not happy about it because they spent all their time killing each other. He tried plague, pestilence, and even a meteor to destroy Earth. Each time, mankind figured out a way to save itself from God's attempts at Doomsday. As the rivalry grew between God and His creations, mankind began to spend less time killing itself and learned to pull together and overcome the wrath of their Creator instead. The inevitable conclusion and moral of the story can be found in the animation itself, in a poignant yet cheeky reminder of humanity's relationship with deities.
  • Zero Wing Rhapsody: This cartoon combines the All Your Base fad with Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody. Perhaps the highest ranking TmsT animation on Newgrounds, and potentially the most views of any of his works as well.


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