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Angel Lily is a fictional character in the Wedding Peach metaseries and the main protagonist of the franchise, as well as its title character. Her civilian name is Yuri Tanima (谷間 ゆり Tanima Yuri ?).

Voiced by: Yukana Nogami (Japanese), Carla Witt (English)



One of Momoko's best friends. Yuri is very well-mannered and polite. She is actually the Love Angel Lily, reborn on Earth as a human. Angel Lily's Speech: "In the language of flowers the name of the pure lily is special. It means it will bloom and grant love."


  • Wedding Graceful Flower! Angel Precious Lily-to transform
  • Wedding Graceful Flower! (OVA)
  • Wedding Beautiful Flower! Angel Precious Lily-to transform (Manga)


  • Lily Rainbow
  • Sacred Lipliner Lily Rainbow
  • Sacred Stardust Sceptre
  • Rainbow Veil
  • Lily Rainbow Light Shower
  • Saint Lipliner Lily Rainbow
  • Lily Kick
  • Candle Service Fire (Omake)
This is an attack performed by both Lily and Daisy in the omake Ai Tenshi Robot: Wedding Peach in which they use candles to send powerful fire blasts at the target. It is however unknown if this attack can be performed by only one of them.
  • The Veil Of A Maiden's Shyness! Saint Astral Stardust
  • Exploding Kick (Omake)
  • Saint Spiral Whip (OVA)

Magical Items



  • Saint Lipliner
  • Lily Robot (Omake)
  • Candle Service (Omake)
  • Blue Earrings-Saint Something Blue
  • Saint Strahl
  • Saint Spiral Whip (OVA)


  • Sacred Lipliner
  • Blue Earrings-Sacred Something Blue
  • Sacred Sceptre


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