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Angerfist and his crew
Background information
Origin Dutch
Genres Hardcore techno
Years active 2001–present
Labels Masters of Hardcore
Associated acts Menace II Society, Kid Morbid
Danny Masseling + live crew

Danny Masseling (born June 20, 1981 in Almere, Netherlands), best known as Angerfist, is a Hardcore techno musician and DJ.



Masseling's career began in 2001, when he sent a demo tape to DJ Buzz Fuzz, head of BZRK Records. Buzz liked the tape and signed Masseling, who released his first EPs under the name Menace II Society and Angerfist. He quickly gained respect in the nu style gabber/hardcore scene for his uncompromisingly violent and aggressive sound, characterized by bass drums that are extreme even in gabber rations. He also released records under the name Kid Morbid, Bloodcage,Denekamps Gespuis (which was a one-time alias for a gimmick-track) and Roland & Sherman .

The Angerfist-imagery often touches subjects like serial killers and psychopathism: Members of the live crew perform in Jason Voorhees-hockey masks on stage (a gimmick that is also used by Italian hardcore group Art of Fighters and further back by French Gabber artist Dr Macabre in his live performances).

Track titles consist of phrases like Maniac Killa, Murder Incorporated or Criminally Insane, and their official website featured a "Sicko Corner", containing gruesome fan-contributed poetry, which the site claimed to be "a form of art & skill". [1]

March 25, 2006 saw the release of Angerfist's first album, Pissin' Razorbladez, containing a full catalogue of his former hit tracks.

Angerfist has released his new Album, Mutilate, in March 2008, on the Masters of Hardcore label.

Angerfist as a group

Since Masseling could not handle performing live alone, he enlisted the help of friends to form Angerfist as a bona fide live act. Currently Angerfist consists of three people:[2]

  • DJ Angerfist (Danny Masseling)
  • DJ Crucifier (Grzegorz Luzynski) (Also a solo producer who has gone by the name of "Crackor" and "Crypsis")
  • MC Prozac


Year Track
2001 Übermensch(Fake Track)
2001 My Style From The Darkside
2001 Within The Darkness
2001 Cannibal
2001 The Number
2001 Killerfist
2002 Fuck Off
2002 Kid Morbid - No Escape From My Wrath
2002 It Never Stops
2002 Menace II Society - Chronic Disorder
2002 Menace II Society - Fear Of Others
2002 Menace II Society - Son of a bitch
2002 Criminally Insane (met een sample uit Rammsteins Sonne)
2003 B.A.M.M.M (Bonified Alkoholik Musik Making Muthafucka)
2003 Maniac Killa
2003 Audio Waste
2004 Raise Your Fist
2004 Breakin' Down Society EP
2004 Too Weird To Die
2004 Ultra Rebel
2004 Shattered Hope
2004 Krazy
2004 Menace II Society - Alkoholik
2005 Take U Back
2005 Penis Enlarger Vs. Akira
2005 Raise your bottle Vs. korsakoff
2005 Dortmund '05
2005 Life
2005 The World Will Shiver (Masters of Hardcore anthem 2005)
2005 Chop Chop
2005 Yes
2005 The Fast Lane
2005 Dance With The Wolves
2005 My Critic Fetish
2005 With The Fresh Style
2006 De EP Towards isolation.
2006 Pissin Razorbladez
2006 Sting Like A Scorpion
2006 Spit On You
2006 Megamix
2007 Broken Chain (versus Crucifier)
2007 Twisting my mind
2007 Right Trough Your Head
2007 Alles Kut Enter (versus Tomcat & Rudeboy)
2007 T.N.T. (versus Tomcat & Rudeboy)
2007 Superior (feat. Outblast & Predator)
2007 Put It Up (versus Tomcat & Rudeboy)
2007 Megamix #2
2008 Postcard From Hell (feat T-Junction)
2008 The Switch
2008 Choices
2008 Smoke Yo Momma
2008 Silent Notes
2008 Like This
2008 Sensation Gargle (feat Crucifier)
2008 187 ( feat predator)
2008 In a million years
2008 Anticipate
2008 House Fucka
2008 Riotstarter
2008 Handz on my ballz
2008 That shooting pain ( feat D-spirit )
2008 Radical
2009 Legend ( feat Predator )
2009 Brother's Keepers
2009 Tonight (feat Crucifier)


Year Original Artist Song
2002 Outblast Hey Motherfuckers (Angerfist Remix)
2005 Art Of Fighters vs. Nico & Tetta I Became Hardcore (Angerfist Remix)
2005 Human Resource Dominator (Outblast & Angerfist mix)
2005 Negative A Suck My Dick (Angerfist Remix)
2005 Noize Suppressor Bonecrusher (Angerfist Remix)
2005 Outblast Time To Make A Stand (Angerfist Remix)
2007 Paul Elstak You're A Hardcore Hooligan (Angerfist Remix)
2008 Rotterdam Terror Corps vs. DJ Headbanger Banging Your Fist (Angerfist Remix)
2008 Kasparov ft. MC Raw We Will Dominate (Angerfist Refix)
2008 Diss Reaction Jiiieeeaaa (Angerfist Remix)
2009 Dione Eye Of The Storm (Angerfist Remix)
2009 Tha Playah Mastah Of Shock (Angerfist Remix)


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