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Systematic (IUPAC) name
ethyl 1-[2-(4-aminophenyl)ethyl]- 4-phenyl-piperidine-4-carboxylate
CAS number 144-14-9
ATC code N01AH05
PubChem 8944
DrugBank APRD00741
ChemSpider 8600
Chemical data
Formula C 22H28N2O2  
Mol. mass 352.47 g/mol
SMILES eMolecules & PubChem
Physical data
Melt. point 83 °C (181 °F)
Pharmacokinetic data
Bioavailability  ?
Protein binding > 95%
Metabolism Hepatic
Half life  ?
Excretion  ?
Therapeutic considerations
Pregnancy cat.  ?
Legal status Schedule II (US)
Routes Tablets, injection
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Anileridine (trade name Leritine) is a synthetic opioid and strong analgesic medication. Anileridine is no longer manufactured in the US or Canada[1].


As tablets or injection.


Anileridine usually takes effect within 15 minutes of either oral or intravenous administration, and lasts 2–3 hours[2]. It is mostly metabolized by the liver.


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