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Location of Anini
in Arunachal Pradesh and India
Coordinates 28°47′00″N 95°53′00″E / 28.7833°N 95.8833°E / 28.7833; 95.8833
Country  India
State Arunachal Pradesh
Nearest city Etalin
Population 2264 [1] (2001)
Sex ratio 1.42658092 /
Time zone IST (UTC+05:30)

2,438.4 m (8,000 ft)
Anini from an overhead perspective

Anini (Marathi: अनिनी; Gujarati: અનીની; Chinese: 阿尼尼) is the headquarters of the Upper Dibang Valley district in the state of Arunachal Pradesh in Northeast India. Anini was also the district headquarters of the undivided Dibang Valley district. It is a small underdeveloped town because of its remoteness[4]. It has road and air links to the rest of India. Idu Mishimi (Yidu Lhoba) tribal people constitute a majority here. The town is fully dependent on Roing which is the nearest town in the Lower Dibang Valley District for all commercial needs. The nearest airport from Anini is the Tezu Airport, about 200 km by road. The easiest way to get to Anini is through the Dibrugarh Airport, though. Anini is referred to as Ilupu in Google Maps.



Anini shown in the 1950 Assam earthquake

At 1698 metres above sea level[5], Anini is located between the Dibang River and Mathun rivers which are tributaries of the Brahmaputra. Most of Anini is located on a plateau. Anini has a subdistrict of its own: Anini Circle. [6]



Anini is located about 420 miles north of the junction of the Indian and the Eurasian plate and is in the earthquake-prone zone[7] The 1950 Assam earthquake badly affected both the Upper and Lower Dibang Valleys[8]. 70% of the Idu Mishmis died in this earthquake. [9]

On June 2, 2005 at 01:36 AM IST, a 5.7 magnitude earthquake hit the Upper Dibang Valley district. Although there were not any casualties reported, landslides blocked communication between Anini and other villages in the district. The seismic upheaval was felt all around Arunachal Pradesh and in some areas of Tibet.[10]

Kelingon's location.


The closest mountain to Anini is relatively unnoticed. Its name, Kelingon was named by the the local Midu Idus.

Kelingon depicted in 3D.


Main Articles: Idu Mishmi Language and Midu Idu Mishmi Language

The main language of Anini is the Midu Dialect of the Idu Mishmi Language. Midu is the northernmost dialect of the Idu Mishmi Language. [11]


Anini has a population of 2,264. There are 1,331 males and 933 females. There are 613 households in the town. Anini is not yet a census town, needing about 3,000 more people to become one. [12]


Anini has several roads.

Although remote, the town has basic infrastructure. There is a government hospital,[13] a school, [14] library and a police station. Dr. Saga Migri is the medical superintendant at the hospital.[15] There is also a helipad,[16] which is used by the Arunachal Helicopter Service.[17][18] A Circuit House is used for guests to stay in.

Construction & Developement

There is a steel arch bridge under construction over the River Dri (Dibang River) near Anini.[19] The 135 meter span bridge will have a single lane carriage-way with thrust blocks at each end. It will be sponsored by the Public Works Department of Arunachal Pradesh and by Damodar Ropeways and Construction. (Calcutta)[20]

The state government mentioned in the 2005-2006 Annual Plan about the:[21]

  • "Infrastructure development of Government Higher Secondary School at Anini."
  • "Improvement of Township Road network at Anini."
  • "Infrastructure development of District Hospital at Anini."

There is also a dam being constructed. The Dibang Valley Dam, also known as the Dibang Dam, will not affect Anini since it is in the Lower Dibang Valley. It is approximately 43 kilometers from Roing, at Munli.[22]The Dibang Dam, once completed in 2017, will be the tallest concrete gravity dam in the world. [23] The dam will also be the tallest dam in India, at 288 meters tall. It will also have the highest amount of power generation. [24]
Also, a meeting has taken place at Anini to discuss the quick start of a new highway from Roing to Anini. This project is under the Special Accelerated Road Development Programme (SARDP) which is run by the Ministry of Shipping and Road Transport of India. It will run through the dam site at Munli, which will shorten the existing 228 kilometer Roing-Anini Highway by 89 kilometers. The government officials and the local Panchayat leaders who were present at the meeting endorsed the plan. [25]

The local State Bank of India in Anini
The Arunachal Helicopter Service logo


Arunachal Pradesh Assembly Election 2004 & 2009

Shri Rajesh Tacho, MLA and Chairman of the Committee of Arunachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly nominee.

The winning candidate for the position of the MLA of Anini was Shri Rajesh Tacho, winning 41.57 percent of the 3038 valid votes in 2004. There were actually 4741 voters, even though Anini's population is only 2264 people. He had a lead margin of 260 and a total number of 1263. He is apart of the Indian National Congress Party.[26]Also, he was re-elected in 2009.[27] Tacho also was nominated as Chairman of the Committee of Arunachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly on Balanced Development of CD Blocks in Arunachal Pradesh, replacing Shri Lombo Tayeng, who has resigned after his induction into the Council of Minister. [28]


The Aninese Plateau, circled in black, within a Chinese and Indian claimed area (shaded red).

Anini is a town north of the China Claim Line. It is claimed by the People's Republic of China and India. [29] In India, the region is known as Northern Arunachal Pradesh. In China, this area is referred to as South Tibet. This conflict is due to the McMahon Line.

Alternative Names

Due to the two countries claiming it, Anini has many different names. (India calls it Anini and the Chinese have different ways of saying it)


Altitude estimate - [32]

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Coordinates: 28°51′54″N 95°53′49″E / 28.865121°N 95.896912°E / 28.865121; 95.896912


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