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Ann Kok
Born Ann Kok Shu Xian
11th Jan 1973
Singapore Singapore

Ann Kok (simplified Chinese: 郭舒贤pinyin: Guō Shūxián, born 11 January 1973) is an actress from Singapore. She started her acting career as a finalist in Star Search Singapore 1993 where she won a contract with TCS8, then the Mandarin channel of MediaCorp TV.

Regarded as San-jie (the third most popular actress in Singapore) in the 1990s, she received many lead roles in this period. Ann also produced three solo albums. She went overseas (she signed on to another artiste manager who was a Hong Konger) in 2000 to expand her career, but the move proved relatively unsuccessful. She returned to Singapore's MediaCorp in Year 2005.

In the annual Star Awards 2006, Ann was nominated for the Best Leading Actress award for her performance as Jiang Ruqing in Love Concierge. The role was that of an evil and scheming woman who later suffered from depression. It was the first Best Actress nomination in her 13 year career, and she was tipped as the favourite to win the award. However, Ivy Lee bagged the award instead.

Ann has since received much more challenging and substantial roles to date, such as the 2008 drama La Femme where she played a career minded lady who neglected her family and later suffered from breast cancer.

Her recent performance in the highly acclaimed drama Housewives' Holiday where she played the lead role Alice Zheng, a materialistic and show-off housewife, has generated numerous praises and positive reviews from the audience. Many felt Ann had a large breakthrough in her acting skills in this series. Housewives' Holiday is the Highest Rated Drama Series for Year 2009, where ratings peaked at 23.4%. Ann is currently one of the few hot favourites to win the Best Leading Actress Award as well as Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes award in the upcoming Star Awards 2010.



  • 1993
    • 红尘独舞 Moment In Time
  • 1994
    • 壮志骄阳 The Young Ones..
    • 帮会1889 Men On The Edge
    • 昆仑奴 The Valiant One
  • 1995
    • 是非屋 Coffee Or Tea
    • 医胆仁心 Heartbeat
    • 天师钟馗之三会包青天 Heavenly Ghost
    • 阳光列车 The Morning Express
    • 阳光列车II The Morning Express II
  • 1996
    • 塞外奇侠 Legend Of The White-Hair Brides
    • 家有一宝 Heart Of The Family
    • 济公活佛 The Legends Of Jigong
    • 美丽夜女郎 The Night Is Young
  • 1997
    • 大锣大鼓 Curtain Call
    • 婚姻法庭 Courting Trouble
    • 101老婆之17+1 My Wife, Your Wife,Our Wives 17+1
    • 客家之歌 The Guest People
  • 1998
    • 钢琴88 Facing The Music
    • 七个梦之不道德的梦 Dreams
    • 陌生人 Riding The Storm
  • 2000
    • 流金税月 The Tax Files
    • 掃冰者 Dare To Strike (Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan)
  • 2002
    • 八号巴士 No.8 Bus (Hong Kong)
    • 维纳斯 Venus (Korea)
    • 子是古人来 Venture Against Time (Hong Kong)
    • 一切从结婚开始 Just In Time For The Wedding (Taiwan)
  • 2003
    • OK没问题 OK No Problem
  • 2004
    • 恭喜发财 Money No Problem
    • 海军 Be Somebody
    • 易心人 Changing Lanes
    • 零楼 Zero
  • 2005
    • 有福 A New Life
    • 爱的掌门人 Love Concierge
  • 2006
    • 法庭俏佳人 Family Matters
  • 2008
    • 绝对佳人(前名:女人当自强)La Femme
    • 幸福满贯 My Destiny(MediaCorp TV - Ntv7 Co-production)
  • 2009
  • 2010
    • 全家福 Happy Family
    • Telemovie: Cooking Without Clothes 煮食人 (Co-star: Taiwanese actor Joseph Chang)
    • The Illusionist 魔幻世界
    • 三个女人一个宝 Precious Babes

TV Hosting

  • 2006
    • 花花都市 II Life Scent II
    • 铁定好玩台湾游 Rail Taiwan
  • 2009
    • 驾车找吃路 Driving Miss Foodie (Co-host)
    • 艺点心思II CelebriTEA Break 2 (Guest host fot Episode 5)


  • 1997
    • 记得我的样子
  • 1998
    • 爱情点心
  • 2000
    • 享受现在

Musical Performance

  • 2009
    • The Peranakan Ball 娘惹之恋

Awards and nominations


Ann is the youngest child of a family of six children. She has 3 elder brothers and 2 elder sisters. Her father used to work as a taxicab driver while her mother was a housewife.


  • Ann was voted as one of the 10 sexiest women in the world by men's magazine FHM in their 2004 local annual survey.
  • In 2009, Ann was rumoured to be in a relationship with local star Dai Yang Tian, who is 11 years her junior. Both denied the rumours and stated it was merely speculation.

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