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Ann Ree Colton
Born August 17, 1898(1898-08-17)
Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.
Died June 28, 1984 (aged 85)
Glendale, California, U.S.

Ann Ree Colton (1898 – 1984) founded the system of Niscience. Niscience is a word she coined meaning to know beyond academic knowledge. While the number of people who practice the techniques she taught and identify themselves as Niscienes is small, her influence is nevertheless significant, and her writings are often quoted. Many students of Alice Bailey or H. P. Blavatsky find the somewhat abstract principles of their founders explained more simply and put in a more practical framework. Others who are interested in a bridge between traditional dogmatic Christianity and so-called New Age teachings find the deeper essence of both presented without the tangled doctrinal contradictions.


Biography and teachings

Ann Ree Colton was born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1898. She showed unusual gifts from a very early age. At age 4, she gazed at the symbols on a stained glass and experienced a "knowing" of what they meant. She realized that when she concentrated on anything with a certain fixity, that it projected its meaning to her.[1]

From age 33, she became well known for her gifts, and people from all walks of life sought her counsel. For a period of about 15 years her appointment book was crowded with sessions, from early in the morning until late at night. She saw thousands--perhaps tens of thousands--of people with every conceivable problem.

Not unlike another American clairvoyant, Edgar Cayce, her gifts were both revered by many persons, and met with skepticism by others. The author of Edgar Cayce's biography, Thomas Sugrue, was among the many who heard remarkable stories about her. One of his interests in Ann Ree Colton stemmed from her spontaneous answers to his every question without the need to go into trance. Sugrue died before he could gather his interviews with her into a biography. Her chief student, fellow teacher, and husband of 31 years, Jonathan Murro, completed a book about her life, in what turned out to be a joint effort resulting in a combination biography/autobiography.

In 1951, a flow of ideas began to pour voluminously upon her. It became evident that she needed to conclude her work with individuals and to begin to work in a more impersonal manner, bringing a complete system that touched all persons. She said this system, Niscience, came from an actual spiritual blueprint she called an archetype. These archetypes, she said, are not the archetypes described by Carl Jung. The latter are reflections of the greater archetypes.

The system of Niscience is extensive and covers many spiritual practices, such as meditation, and also encompasses philosophy, science, art, and religion. She said the Niscience archetype was timed to the scientific age, when humankind is to extend the essential truths of old paths, but move beyond many limitations gathered over a long descent into materiality. She often called these times "the chaos before a golden age." Ann Ree Colton died in 1984.


During her lifetime, Ann Ree Colton authored 16 books covering a wide variety of subjects. Two nearly completed books were published posthumously in their entirety. Several collections of her remaining writings were organized and published by Jonathan Murro, who also incorporated his own writings in the same volumes.

Her writings may be roughly divided into the following sections.

  • Three books cover overarching world themes in a prophetic vein. She called these the red books, requesting that their covers be colored red, and she said that they are the “last will and testament of the Masters.”
The Lively Oracles
Vision for the Future
Islands of Light
  • Three books covered material she wanted quoted in every Niscience worship service. She called these the white books, requesting that their covers be colored white. They include: a cosmogenesis of man's history from Edenic times; an explanation of the soul; and the story of Jesus, His disciples, and heaven.
The Soul and the Ethic
The Human Spirit
The Jesus Story
  • Three books are on the subject of the inner kingdom and include detailed writings on nature, reincarnation, and death.
Draughts of Remembrance
Men in White Apparel
The Venerable One
  • Her next writings, she said, were in a more scientific vein. They cover dreams, ESP, Kundalini, and the moving aspect of the Holy Ghost, which she called the Esse.
Ethical ESP
Watch Your Dreams
Kundalini West
The Third Music
  • Other writings included biographical material, and subjects such as astrology, spiritual teachers, and the akasic records of Ikhnaton.
Prophet for the Archangels (Jonathan Murro, co-author)
Galaxy Gate (Jonathan Murro, co-author)
The Pelican and the Chela (Jonathan Murro, co-author)
My Son Ikhnaton (published posthumously)


Niscience (pronounced NISH-ence) is an archetypal system of spiritual knowing, spiritual practice, teaching, and living.

Ann Ree Colton and Jonathan Murro co-founded the formal organization in 1953. Ann Ree Colton is always referred to as the Founder, and Jonathan Murro as the Co-founder.

It is a non-profit spiritual and educational foundation, not a religion. It supports all pure teachings founded on truth. It confesses: Christ; Truth, as demonstrated by the Lord Jesus; and Christ Jesus' life as a sufficient demonstration of and guide to God's Ethic and Way for mankind. Ann Ree called Niscience "Christ for this age," and, "The New-Era Dharma." She taught that the Holy Bible was the cornerstone of this teaching; yet the teaching is not limited to a literal belief in the Bible as if all verses were created equal. Ann Ree was very concerned that the Law of Reincarnation has been deleted from Western culture (see her talk, "Two Anathemas That Changed the World"); she taught that the Bible supports belief in re-embodiment. She also taught that the teachings of the Lord Buddha are very important; Niscience holds a Buddha festival each year at the time of Wesak. Ann Ree Colton and Jonathan Murro also taught that the Sun, Moon, planets, and stars influence human consciousness and encouraged their students to be aware of the heavenly bodies and their cycles, as observed in each student's life and in the life of the group. Ann Ree often quoted St. Paul, "Prove all things, hold fast that which is good." (1 Thessalonians 5:21)

Niscience is a spiritual system meant to combine religion, philosophy, science, and the creative arts.

Some key writings by Ann Ree Colton on Niscience include Prophet for the Archangels, Watch Your Dreams, Kundalini West, The Third Music, Ethical ESP, Men in White Apparel, The Jesus Story, Islands of Light, and Galaxy Gate I: The Holy Universe. Jonathan Murro co-authored some of these writings, and wrote additional valuable material, including God-Realization Journal and The Path of Virtue.

Individual lessons are also available, via the Niscience website, Members are encouraged to be spiritually inspired and creative, in forms such as song-writing, Niscience dance ("Pleasance"), and painting.

Ann Ree Colton's summation of Niscience: "The total Niscience System is to give birth to God-Realization, Soul-Realization, and Self-Realization." She stressed that true realization is beyond genius which yet has the precocity of ego claim. Higher realizations come when motives are selflessly aligned with world need. The practices she gave were to qualify individuals to be mediators under the Great Mediator, the Lord Jesus. Mediation, as defined in Niscience, is the process by which spiritual forces are distributed from greater channels to lesser channels and finally into the world. It unites one's actions with spiritual Cause. Niscience writings explain the true meaning and significance of virtually every aspect of life in this world, and some aspects of the Universe, which Ann Ree Colton called, "The Holy Universe."


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