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Anna Tsuchiya
土屋 アンナ

Background information
Birth name Anna Marie Heider-Tsuchiya[1]
Also known as An-san[1]
Born March 11, 1984 (1984-03-11) (age 25)[1]
Origin Tokyo, Japan[1]
Genres J-pop
Occupations Singer
Instruments Vocals
Years active 2002–present
Labels Mad Pray Records
Associated acts Spin Aqua
Josh Freese
Wes Borland
Website Anna

Anna Tsuchiya (土屋 アンナ Tsuchiya Anna ?) is a Japanese singer, lyricist, actress, and semi-retired model.[2] Anna was born to a Japanese mother and an American father with Irish and Polish roots [3] She has a younger brother, Kenneth, and an older sister, Angela, who was a model as well.[4]


Modeling career

Tsuchiya's career began at the age of fourteen after being suggested by her older sister Angela, who was an unsuccessful model.[4] Tsuchiya entered the same agency, and was hired to model for Seventeen. Demand grew, and by 2002 she was doing television ads for Uniqlo, and Edwin.[5]

She tried hard to lose weight. At 1.67m (5 ft 6 in) and 44 kg (97 lbs), she was considered to be overweight and short for a model in Japan.

She experienced mental and physical agony at the time. When Tsuchiya was fifteen years old she awoke starving one morning to find that her legs didn't work owing to severe malnutrition; she was forced to drag herself by hand to the refrigerator.[6]

According to Tsuchiya, some models would mock her: "How can you keep modeling with no shame?", "What's up, my little prick, how much did you eat yesterday?", "Oh my god... You're one ugly fat bastard!". Someone once said in a backstage dressing room, "Get out of here, fat is contagious, asap, asap, you smelly twat!"(according to Tsuchiya, that one was the same age as her, 14, and "freaking pretty"), when she modeled for Seventeen.[6]

Tsuchiya stated: "We were all teens at that time. I guess you guys expect some epic stories like — Anna did it, and those who laughed at Anna now have miserable lives flipping burgers at McDonald's or distributing handbills at Jusco or appearing in porn videos — but sorry, y'all know God is such a ballless mofo, now some of those who laughed at me have got bigger successes than me and are super rich... I sometimes feel frustrated with it, but... they made me better".

Tsuchiya spent her mid-teens modeling for Seventeen, and made friends with some of the other models including Yoshika Yuhnagi, and soon she began to stay at their apartments. Around this time, she began smoking and drinking.[7]

Tsuchiya confessed that she often picked on "fatter" models herself, especially foreigners who came to work for some sub-stream fashion magazines such as Elle, Vogue, SPUR and Pre Numéro[6], especially when she was drunk. These models couldn't understand Japanese so they just smiled back no matter what she said. Tsuchiya often spoke to them in English using offensive words relating to obesity, and often assaulted them when they displayed rebellious attitudes toward her.[8]

Tsuchiya eventually retired from modeling at 18. She said: "I realized I can never compete with such gifted superhuman people like her any more". She remains in demand for magazines like Kera, Soup, and Zipper.[9 ] Tsuchiya is considered one of the most successful mixed-race Japanese models in the 2000s along with Jessica Michibata.[10]

Though Anna was born and raised in Tokyo, she often uses Kyushu or Okinawa slang, and sometimes speaks in southern dialects. According to her, the majority of Seventeen models she encountered were from the southern islands or the Tōhoku region. She managed to learn slang from them. This subsequently helped when she played Ichigo, a Bōsōzoku delinquent, in Kamikaze Girls.[10]

According to a contemporary, those who teased Tsuchiya had recognized her as "tough" while other "overweight models", like Keiko Kitagawa and Kaela Kimura, were always called by extremely vulgar nicknames. Very few, but some, of them praised Tsuchiya afterwards, saying things like "well done".[11]

Music career

At 18, when Tsuchiya terminated her contract with Seventeen, she decided to leave show-business. But after an offer by former Oblivion Dust member K.A.Z, she restarted the band activity that she had been doing since the age of 16. In mid 2002, Tsuchiya joined with K.A.Z to form Spin Aqua.[12]

Soon after she debuted as a singer, Anna was sometimes dubbed "The Second Nanase" because of her resemblance to Nanase Aikawa, a popular '90s female singer. The duo released three singles, one album, and a video collection, but did not succeed commercially. They disbanded in 2004, due to Tsuchiya's pregnancy.

Tsuchiya announced plans to go solo in 2005. She wrote almost all of her own lyrics, having better command of English than her peers. However she is not fluent in English.

On August 24, 2005 she released her first mini-album, Taste My Beat under Avex's sub-label, Mad Pray Records.[13] Her first single was Change your life, the second single called Slap that Naughty Body / My Fate. She also released her first remix album, Taste My Xxxremixxxxxxx!!!!!!!! Beat Life! on the same day. Her third single, Rose was used as the opening theme for Nana, alongside Olivia Lufkin who sang the end song. This boosted Tsuchiya's music career, as Rose managed to reach a position of #6 on the Oricon charts (her first top 10 hit).[2]

Tsuchiya made her first overseas appearance at the Japan Expo in Paris in July 2006.[14]

To reinforce her growing popularity in Japan, Tsuchiya's debut studio album, Strip Me? was released shortly afterwards. Several songs from it were used for commercials.

She returned in early 2007 with a new single called "Kuroi Namida", which was used as the new ending theme for Nana. This was followed by the third Nana anime opening single, "Lucy" in early February which directly preceded a second full length album self-titled Anna Tsuchiya Inspi' Nana (Black Stones) which contains the singles from the show and some new songs; then a quasi-soundtrack album called Nana Best which includes some popular and some unreleased songs by both Olivia Lufkin and Tsuchiya from the TV series. Both Lufkin's and Tsuchiya's songs from these albums were played at Shibuya AX in March 2007.[15]

Then, Tsuchiya did a called "world fes tour", starting in June 30 at Anime Expo 2007 in U.S., following in July 27 at Pentaport rock festival in Korea and in July 29 at Formoz Festival in Taiwan, then a summer tour in Japan, including a performance for second time at Summer Sonic Festival.[16] Among all that, she released the single Bubble Trip / Sweet Sweet Song in August 1.

The single Cocoon was released on January 30 of 2008, and in June Tsuchiya released another single called Crazy World with the collaboration of the Japanese artist AI. She then released another single in September, called Virgin Cat, which was used to promote the show The L Word in Japan.

A month later she followed up with her third full length album (second non-NANA related), NUDY SHOW!, which contained her singles from Kuroi Namida to Virgin Cat.

The latest is a remix album called "Nudy xxxremixxxxxxx!!!!!!!! Show!".

A recent single 'Guilty' was featured in the ending credits of the film Resident Evil: Degeneration.

Acting career

Tsuchiya made her acting debut in Novala Takemoto's adapted runaway hit Kamikaze Girls (下妻物語 Shimotsuma Monogatari ?) in 2004 as punk yanki "Ichigo Shirayuri". Her role brought her both immediate attention and critical success; winning several awards in Japan. This was continued to act/voice in various movies and dramas as The Taste of Tea, Dororo, Sakuran and provided the voice of Lindsay Lohan's character "Maggie Peyton" in the Japanese dub of Herbie: Fully Loaded.[9 ] Her latest film is the live action from The Legend of Kamui

Personal life

In 2004, Tsuchiya announced her engagement to model and actor Joshua Niimura[17][18], the younger brother of the model Friedia Niimura (Rin Kozue). Joshua worked in the same modelling office as her. On November 19, 2004, Anna's first child, Sky (澄海 sukai ?), was born. Sky is featured in a photobook with his mother, titled, Happy Days - Anna, Mama ni Naru!.[19] In July 2006, it was announced that Tsuchiya and Niimura were getting a divorce.[20] In May 2008, Niimura died of heart failure, aged just 25. [21]

In September 2009 her blog mentioned that she was pregnant and had married a stylist named Yamato, three years her elder. He has worked as her stylist for many years. Their relationship apparently started about two years ago. The baby is due in the spring.[22]


Tsuchiya's fame has not been without controversy. In an interview on NHK in 2007 she stated that her deep sultry voice was the result of "boozing and smoking from an early age," and she is also known for speaking in "improper ways" (i.e., using impolite language). Despite this, her agency insists that Tsuchiya did not drink while under age. Her fans remain indifferent.[23]

Tsuchiya often describes herself as a very nasty person.[24] On the other hand, many people have referred to real-life Tsuchiya as a very good-hearted person.[10]


Note: For Spin Aqua discography, please see Spin Aqua.


# Title Release date Peak rank Copies sold Album type
Taste My Beat 2005-08-24 #27 8,702 Mini
Taste My Xxxremixxxxxxx!!!!!!!! Beat Life! 2006-03-23 #117 Remix
1 Strip Me? 2006-08-02 #11 49,527 Studio
2 Anna Tsuchiya Inspi' Nana (Black Stones) 2007-02-28 #16 12,704 Studio
Nana Best 2007-03-21 #20 16,538 Compilation
3 NUDY SHOW! 2008-10-29 #10 47,444 Studio
Nudy xxxremixxxxxxx!!!!!!!! Show! 2009-03-11 #114 1,359 Remix


# Title Release date Peak rank Copies sold
1 "Change Your Life" 2006-01-25 #35 5,095
2 "Slap that Naughty Body / My Fate" 2006-03-23 #68
3 "Rose" 2006-06-28 #6 53,988
4 "Kuroi Namida" (黒い涙 Black Tear ?) 2007-01-10 #7 20,247
5 "Lucy" 2007-02-14 #18 12,620
6 "Bubble Trip / Sweet Sweet Song" 2007-08-01 #21 8,569
7 "Cocoon" 2008-01-30 #19 4,527
8 "Crazy World" 2008-06-11 #19 10,488
9 "Virgin Cat" 2008-09-10 #39 3,005
10 "Brave Vibration" 2009-07-01 #13 7,686


# Title Release date DVD type
1 Anna³ 2004-06-16 Documentary
2 Anna Tsuchiya 1st Live Tour Blood of Roses 2007-01-10 Concert


# Title Release date
1 Taste My Xxxremixxxxxxx!!!!!!!! Beat Life! 2006-03-23
2 Ah Ah (Shinichi Osawa Remix 12' Inch Version) 2006-09-02


Artist Album Song Peak rank Release date
Brian Jones Tribute to Brian Jones "My dear" #4 2006-08-09
Fake? Marilyn is a Bubble "Butterfly (Don't Let My Sun Go Down)" #4 2006-11-22
Hotei Tomoyasu Soul Sessions "Hotei vs. Tsuchiya Anna - Queen of the Rock" #1 2006-12-06
AI DON’T STOP A.I. "BUTTERFLY (feat. ANNA TSUCHIYA, ANTY the 紅之壱, PUSHIM)" #5 2007-12-05
Various Artists Resident Evil: Degeneration OST "Guilty" 2008-12-17
Ravex Believe in LOVE feat BoA "MEGA ravex feat. ANNA TSUCHIYA, BoA, DJ OZMA, LISA, MAKI GOTO, MONKEY MAJIK, TOHOSHINKI, TRF & YUKO ANDO" & "Bangalicious" 2009-02-18
Hoobastank The Greatest Hits: Don't Touch My Moustache (Deluxe edition) The Letter 2009-08-05

This collaboration was made as a cover version not with him.



Year Title Role Other notes
2003 Kantoku Kennen (監督感染 Director Infection ?) Kennen segment
2004 Kamikaze Girls (下妻物語 Shimotsuma Monogatari ?) Ichigo Shirayuri (白百合イチゴ ?) Leading role
Won - Japan Academy Prize for Rookie of the Year
Won - Blue Ribbon Awards Best New Actress
Won - Hochi Film Award Best New Artist
Won - Kinema Junpo Awards Best New Actress
Won - Mainichi Film Award Sponichi Grand Prize New Talent Award
Won - Yokohama Film Festival Best New Talent
2004 The Taste of Tea (茶の味 Cha no Aji ?) Aoi Suzuishi (鈴石アオイ ?) Won - Blue Ribbon Awards Best New Actress
Won - Hochi Film Award Best New Artist
Won - Kinema Junpo Awards Best New Actress
Won - Mainichi Film Award Sponichi Grand Prize New Talent Award
Won - Yokohama Film Festival Best New Talent
2005 Herbie: Fully Loaded Maggie Peyton (voice) Japanese dubbed release
2005 Bashment Juri Ōmori (大森樹里 ?)
2005 Arbeit Eye: Hyaku Man-nin no Hyōteki (アルバイト探偵(アイ) ~100万人の標的~ Part-time Eye: 1,000,000 People Target ?) Monique
2006 Memories of Matsuko (嫌われ松子の一生 Kiraware Matsuko no Isshō ?) female prisoner cameo
2007 Dororo (どろろ ?) Sabame's wife
2007 Sakuran (さくらん Confusion ?) Kiyoha (きよ葉 ?) / Higure (日暮 ?) Leading role
2008 Paco and the Magical Book (パコと魔法の絵本 Pako to Mahō no Ehon ?) Tamako (タマ子 ?)
2008 Soreike! Anpanman: Fairy Rinrin's Secret (それいけ! アンパンマン 妖精リンリンのひみつ Soreike Anpanman! Yōsei Rinrin no Himitsu ?) Rinrin (リンリン ?) (voice)
2009 Heaven's Door Host club customer
2009 The Legend of Kamui (カムイ外伝 Kamui Densetsu ?) Ayu (アユ ?)


# Title Release date
1 White Ice Sherbet 2003-01-20
2 Anna Banana 2004-07-12
3 Fleur 2005-01-19
4 Happy Days - Anna, Mama ni Naru! (アンナ、ママになる! Anna Became a Mother! ?) 2005-12-20
5 Tsuchiya Anna Photo Album 2007-03-02
6 An-san Hostess Shuugyouchuu (あんさんホスティス修業中) 2007-08-03

this is a compilation of her column at Flyman Postman Press


  • 2004 – Kinema Junpo Awards (Best New Actress)
  • 2004 – Mainichi Film Awards (Best New Actress)
  • 2004 – Houchi Film Award (Best new Actress)
  • 2005 – 28th Japan Academy Prize (Best New Actress, Best Supporting Actress (nominee))
  • 2005 – 26th Yokohama Film Festival (Best New Actress)


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