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Coordinates: 36°54′N 7°46′E / 36.9°N 7.767°E / 36.9; 7.767

Commune of Annaba
بلدية عنابة
Bone - Hotel de Ville.jpg
An older image of the city hall of Annaba
Annaba location.svg
Map of Annaba Province highlighting Annaba Municipality
ONS code 2301
Postal code 23000
Province Annaba (seat)
District Annaba (seat)
PMA Seats 33
Altitude 0 m (3 ft)
Population 258,058 (2002)

Annaba (Arabic: عنابة‎, formerly Bône, historically Hippo) is a city in the northeastern corner of Algeria near the river Seybouse and the Tunisian border. It is located in Annaba Province. With a population of 258,058 (2002 estimate), it is the fourth largest city in Algeria. It is a leading industrial centre in eastern Algeria.


Prehistory and History

See Hippo Regius for Classical and Ecclesiastical history

The vicinity of Annaba has yielded evidence of very early hominid occupation at Ain el Hanech, near Saïda (ca. 200,000 B.C.), including artefacts that show remarkable tool-making craftsmanship. Other archaeological finds include tools in the Levalloisian and Mousterian styles produced by humans (Homo sapiens) well before 100,000 years ago, similar to those in the Levant. According to some sources, prehistoric Algeria was the site of the most advanced development of flake-tool techniques in the Middle Early Stone Age (Middle Paleolithic). Tools from this era, starting from at least as early as 85,000 B.C., are called Aterian after the site Bir el Ater south of Annaba. These tools are marked by a high standard of workmanship, great variety, and specialization. See Prehistory of Central North Africa.

Annaba, which was called Hippo Regius during Roman times, was probably founded by the Phoenicians in the 12th century BC. It was a centre of early Christianity. Augustine of Hippo was bishop here from 396 until 430. The city has buildings from its Roman, Christian, and Muslim eras.

During French rule, the city was known as Bône. It was one of the main European settlements, having a sizeable pied-noir minority. One famous pied-noir from Bône was Alphonse Juin, a Marshal of France and a former NATO Central Europe Commander.

Historical population[1]
Year Population Year Population
1882 22,000 1931 68,800
1886 29,600 1936 83,300
1892 30,800 1948 102,800
1896 32,300 1954 114,100
1899 34,500 1960 164,000
1901 37,000 1966 168,800
1906 42,900 1974 313,200
1911 42,000 1977 222,600 (town)
255,900 (municipality)
1921 45,200 1987 305,500
222,500 (municipality)
1926 51,900 1998 244,800 (municipality)


One of Annaba's most notable educational institutions is Annaba University. As of 2004, there are over 40,000 students enrolled.[2].

Annaba cote.jpg

Transportation and industry

Annaba is served by Rabah Bitat Airport, an international airport whose IATA airport code is AAE. Annaba has rail links to the Algerian cities of Constantine and Algiers.


Annaba is known for its beautiful beaches and family night life. Most tourists are from France and Italy.


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Annaba is a coastal city in Northeast Algeria.

Get in

By plane

Annaba is best reached by air. It's airport (Rabah Bitat International Airport) has regular services to Paris (Orly), Marseille, and Lyons. However, these frequencies aren't frequent and one should check an Air Algerie timetable when planning a trip. There are four daily flights between Algiers and Annaba. Annaba also has regular service to Oran.

By sea

There is a ferry service from Marseille to Annaba operated by, Ferries Algerie.

By Road

One can also reach Annaba by road quite easily from most major Algerian cities. However, due to the lack of quality infrastructure this is the least desirable option.

Get around

From the airport there is a regular bus shuttle service that runs to downtown Annaba.

The best way to get around Annaba is with taxis. They are the easiest, and most efficient way to get around, and they're readily available. There is also a network of bus routes that connect downtown Annaba with the rest of the city and surrounding suburbs.


One of the must sees of Annaba is the Church of Saint-Augustine of Hippo, or "Lela Bouna" as it is sometimes reffered to in Arabic. It is on a hill not too far outside downtown, and it's a dominating sight. Taxis run regularly to and from the church. The Church itself is a marvel, with stunning architecture and ancient Roman ruins right behind it. Saint Augustine's hand is kept inside the church.

Downtown Annaba is a great place to take a stroll. Visit "Le Cours" the central square in downtown and try some delicious ice cream sold at local cafes. Walk around downtown and be surrounded by French colonial architecture and stunning contrasts of old and new. Just off Le Cours is "La Place d'Armes". The oldest part of the city (the Kasbah), it boasts magnificent Ottoman architecture and was build starting in the 12th century. Enjoy narrow alleys and walkways and marvel at the fact that people to this day still live in these houses. It is on a hill and at the bottom at the entrance of La Place d'Armes is a mosques built by the Turks in the 16th century.


A visit to Annaba is not complete without enjoying it's beautiful Meditteranean coastline and one of it's many beaches. During the day enjoy relaxing day at one of the beaches and at night head to "La Corniche". Located at the beach "Chappui" it comes alive at night with restaurants, clubs and people enjoying the crisp, cool refreshing air. A great end to any day.

There's also an Amusement Park in the neighbourhood of "Les Allemends" that offers a good time for families with young children.


Annaba has countless places to eat. Whether they be small family owned cafes, and restaurants to big fancy places there is a wide range of places to chose from. The fancier restaurants are almost exclusively located at La Corniche, and by major beaches. However, cafes and restaurants are located all over town.

Where ever one goes in Algeria, whether they are in the west, east or south of the country, trying the pizza sold at local cafes and restaurants is a must. Similar to the way Italians make pizza in Italy, it is delicious, and a welcome change to the usual round, heavy, topping filled pizza served in most western countries. One thing Annaba specializes in, is "bourek". Bourek is an Algerian "eggroll". The east of Algeria, and more so Annaba, specializes in this delicacy. It's a must have when visiting Annaba.

Enjoying a coffee and croissant at a cafe with the locals is always a good thing.

Get out

There are a number of places to visit that are around or close to Annaba.

Seraidi: Seraidi is a small village up high in the mountains that surround Annaba. It's about 13 km from downtown. It's a great place to enjoy a day away from the hustle and bustle of the city and escape enjoying the tranquility and clean, crisp air. There is a famous hotel there known to the locals as "Hotel Al-Hawa", literally "hotel of the wind". It is called that because it's so high up that it breaks the clouds and offers a great place to stay and has amazing views. On a clear day one can see the amazing views of the coastline and natural beaches below. On a cloudy day there is noting but clouds. It's a great place to see the sunrise or sunset.

El Caala: El Caala is a small town about an hour and a half drive east of Annaba. It's on the road to Tuinisia so it is very service oriented. There are many hotels, clubs, restaurants to enjoy. The beach of course, and many souvenirs one can get from there. Not far from El Caala there is "La Vielle Calle" or "Old Caala". There is a wonderful beach there and ruins of a French fort which are beautiful. La Vielle Calle is about 30-45 minutes away.

Tunisia: Annaba is in the east of Algeria, not far from the Tunisian border. A drive to the Tunisian capital, Tunis, takes about four hours. The roads leading to Tunisia from Annaba are very well serviced and have numerous service oriented places on the way, such as reataurants, hotels and gas stations.

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