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Annah Moore (born 1966) is an American musician, writer and artist.



Born in New York City, she struggled with the gender dysphoria condition until her mid-thirties when she completed her transition to female. Moore has become well-known in the hard rock and heavy metal music communities for her excellent guitar playing and songwriting talents, and widely regarded in the LGBT communities for her efforts to help others.

Later life

Moore started playing guitar in 1983 at the age of sixteen. Her main influences as a guitarist are Randy Rhoads, Megadeth, Vivian Campbell, Jake E. Lee, Nancy Wilson, Judas Priest, and older Metallica, among many others. In 1984, she took private classical guitar lessons while attending Arizona State University (ASU) for a degree in music. She left ASU, however, to cope with her personal issues, but continued to utilize music as a means to express the deep frustrations that often accompany the gender dysphoria condition.

Associated acts

Her list of bands includes Phoenix, Arizona's Thunderin Reign (1990-1992) and Bittersweet (2000-2001), and the Austin, Texas groups Boneglove (2002-2003), Red Volution (2004-2006) and IGNITOR (2006-).

Personal life

Moore spent four years writing a book about her life experiences, Right Side Out (2006). A synopsis of what she has been through, it is an attempt to help not only other trans individuals cope with the situation, but to help everyone understand it. Moore is a strong supporter of equal rights, not only for LGBT individuals, but for all people. She does not hide her history and is open about where she comes from and the struggles she has faced. She makes regular radio and television appearances to support education and awareness of trans issues. These include a special show on Discovery Health Channel called Sex Change: Him to Her.

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