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Anne-Marie Losique (also known by the stage name AML) is a television producer, television host and singer in Quebec, Canada. Along with Marc Trudeau, she is co-founder of production company Image Diffusion International. She is the daughter of Serge Losique, president and founder of the Montreal World Film Festival.



Losique studied theatre at La Sorbonne in Paris. She first became famous as the host of Box-office, a cinema television magazine. Quebec comedians soon parodied her as a ditzy gal with the perpetual giggles (something she has been known for), but later ventures showed her potential as a cunning businesswoman, now producing a vast array of trendy television shows through IDI seen across Canada (see the list of her productions).

She also produced songs (dance music and other) and shot risqué music videos. She also shot one for a retake on Brigitte Bardot's Tu veux ou tu veux pas, which is itself suggestive. [1] In her producing career, she has shown an interest for the sex industry, hosting some of her sex-related shows herself. This earned her to be called "Sex mogul" in an article of alternative weekly The Montreal Mirror. [2] Her propensity for seductive provocation has created an image and a slight controversy, which she parodied in her mockumentary Bimbo, fantasmes et réalité.

Losique cast herself, along with pop singer Jacynthe, in her own adaptation of The Simple Life, La Vie rurale. [3] She is also responsible for the importation of the American reality show The Surreal Life (Des gens pas ordinaires) and the British comedy The Office (La Job). She had bought rights to an adaptation of the Thierry Ardisson's French talk show 93, Faubourg Saint-Honoré but chose not to renew them for financial reasons.

Ben Affleck interviews

Anne-Marie Losique is teased by Ben Affleck in a viral video.

A well-known staple of Box-Office with Losique are the interviews she conducted with American actor Ben Affleck (see the External links section). For every occasion, he would drop into a corny stereotypical French accent (rather sounding like France French, not Quebec French), acting as if they were already in a sexual relationship ("All you wanna do is have sex all the time. You don't wanna talk, you don't wanna hold me..."), teasing Losique to her uncontrollable amusement, making her sit upon his lap, hugging her, going on about Montreal and the Québécois ("Québécois libres!"). [4] He would, with accent, make statements imitating stereotypes of criticisms French-speaking people and foreigners have of Americans ("American puritans!").

Known for his affection for Montreal, Affleck showed a certain level of knowledge of Quebec in these humorous encounters. He once went into a zany story where he likened the affairs of Quebecers to the heroic struggle of a French cheese liberating itself from an English cheese ("I am French and I be free!"). He would also speak of an admiration for Quebec nationalism icon, former Premier of Quebec René Lévesque, jokingly stating that he thought of legally changing his name to "René Lévesque" (he repeated this to the crew of Flash, a Québécois entertainment television show). Unknown for years by most Americans, one of those segments, filmed in 2004 during promotion for the movie Jersey Girl, gained substantial fame as a viral video on American and international internet blogs. On September 20, 2006, a Google "Affleck+Losique" query returned approximately 80,000 hits. [5]


Bruno Blanchet, as Anne-Marie Losique, receives from a fictional viewer a "beautiful penis" (a dildo).

Comedian Bruno Blanchet is especially notorious for his ludicrous Anne-Marie Losique impression, in full drag, which first appeared on popular satirical news show La fin du monde est à 7 heures ("the end of the world is at seven o'clock") and continued on his own comedy show N'ajustez-pas votre sécheuse ("do not adjust your clothes dryer"). His impression, as most of his numbers, was of a strong absurdist humour featuring an impossibly clueless Anne-Marie.

On La fin du monde est à 7 heures, the character would lapse into whole moments where she would be stuck repeating, as a broken record, a variation on the phrase "mes 'tites tétines!" ("my lil' titties!"). On N'ajustez-pas votre sécheuse, the character would host a segment called "Les vidéos du pubic!" ("videos of the pubic!", instead of "public" for "audience"). As a good sport, the true Losique guest starred on the latter and was interviewed by Blanchet's impression. Bruno Blanchet is better known outside Quebec by his role in award-winning film Seducing Doctor Lewis.


  • She directed a short film titled Polaroid, released in 1995.

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