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Gender Female
Origin Anne, Ann
Popularity Popular names page

Annie is the diminutive of the feminine given names Anna, Ann, Anne, and other variations.

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Annie is a musical based upon the popular Harold Gray comic strip Little Orphan Annie. It has music by Charles Strouse, lyrics by Martin Charnin, and a book by Thomas Meehan. It was first staged in 1976, and was filmed in 1982 (by director John Huston) and filmed for TV in 1999 (by director Rob Marshall). All quotations listed here appear in all three works, unless otherwise noted.



  • Do you want Miss Hannigan to come in here?! Go back to bed!
  • Leaping Lizards! Just look at this joint!
  • The Bolsheviks? Leaping lizards!
  • The sun'll come out Tomorrow, so you gotta hang on till tomorrow, come what may! Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I love ya, Tomorrow! You're only a day away.
    • From the song "Tomorrow".

Daddy Warbucks

  • They say [the Autocopter] can land on a dime... whatever that may be.
  • Why do I smell wet dog?
  • Absolutely not! I'm a businessman. I love money, I love power, I love capitalism. I do not now and never will love children.
    • [On why he doesn't want to adopt Annie.]

Miss Hannigan

  • Why any kid would want to be an orphan is beyond me.
  • I am not zoned for dogs.
  • Oliver Warbucks the Millionaire?
    • (Grace Farell: No, Oliver Warbucks the Billionaire.)
  • I make a very dry martini.
  • You had me followed?
    • [The above two lines are from the song "Sign".]
  • My God is that thing real?


  • Who cares what they're wearing on Main street, or Saville Row? It's what you wear from ear to ear and not from head to toe that matters... You're never fully dressed without a smile!
    • From the song "You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile".
  • We love you, Miss Hannigan.
    • [Miss Hannigan urges them to say it on occasion.]


Rooster: This is Miss Lily St. Regis.
Lily: Named after the hotel.
Miss Hannigan (play and 1982 film): Room service!
Miss Hannigan (1999 film): Which floor?

Pepper: Molly shouldn't be in this room.
(she gets out of bed and walks across the other orphans' beds)
Pepper: She's a baby. She cries all the time. She wets the bed.
Molly: I do not!
Duffy: (pushes Pepper) You're the one who shouldn't be in here!

Warbucks: Grace! Get me J. Edgar on the phone! Drake! Get me the chief of police! Asp! Get me Walter Winchell! PUNJAB!!! Get me William Randolph Hearst! And, Saunders, get me a drink!

Annie: Do you want Miss Hannigan to come in here?! Go back to bed!
(the other orphans return to bed, except for Pepper, who stares at Annie)
Annie: Now! Or you'll have me to deal with.
Pepper: Aw, blow it out your ol' wazoo.
(she returns to bed)

(Annie has just calmed down Molly after her nightmare)
Annie: Close your eyes. Think about your folks.
Molly: You're the only one who really has folks. Mine are dead.
Annie: Think about the folks who want to adopt you, because want a little girl with brown hair and brown eyes.
(Annie then goes into the rest of the song "Maybe" until Miss Hannigan comes in.)

Miss Hannigan: Did I hear...singing in here? All right, fine. Since we're all so wide awake...! Get up! Get out of bed!
(Orphans groan)
Miss Hannigan: Clean up this mess! Get dressed! And this room had better be regulation before breakfast, my little pig droppings. Or kill, kill, kill!
Annie: But it's in the middle of the night.
Miss Hannigan: (mocks) "But it's in the middle of the night." (normally; grabs Annie) And if this floor don't shine like the top of the Chrysler Building, your backsides will. Y'understand?
Orphans Yes, Miss Hannigan.
Miss Hannigan: What do we say, Annie?
Annie: I love you, Miss Hannigan.
Miss Hannigan: Why any kid would wanna be an orphan is beyond me.

(After the "Hard Knock Life" number; the orphans have hidden Annie in a laundry basket.)
Miss Hannigan: What are you all just standing around here for?! You're supposed to clean the bathroom and the kitchen before lunch, my little pig-droppings! And if ya skip the corners, there will be no lunch. And we're not having hot mush today.
(The orphans cheer until Miss Hannigan blows her whistle)
Miss Hannigan: We're having cold mush.
(The orphans groan)
Miss Hannigan: What?!
Orphans: We love you, Miss Hannigan.
Miss Hannigan: Wonderful. (looks around) Where's Annie?
Molly: She had to go bathroom.
Miss Hannigan: (mocks) "She had to go bathroom."
Bundles' voice: Miss Hannigan!
(Miss Hannigan is surprised to hear his voice)
Miss Hannigan: Oh! Mr. Bundles.
Orphans: Mr. Bundles.

(Annie has revealed Sandy the dog to her fellow orphans)
Pepper: He smells.
Molly: What's his name, Annie?
Annie: Guess.
Molly: Uh, Fifi?
(Annie shakes her head)
Pepper: That ain't a name for this mutt!
(she and the other orphans laugh)

(Miss Hannigan has discovered Sandy.)
Annie: ...I love you, Miss Hannigan?
Miss Hannigan: And you will love the paddle closet, Annie! And this will love the sausage factory! (Orphans cry out) What?
Orphans: We love you, Miss Hannigan.
Miss Hannigan: (sarcastically) Shut up.

(Grace Farrell has come to present Oliver Warbucks' proposal for an orphan)
Grace: Miss Hannigan, I am the private secretary to Oliver Warbucks.
Miss Hannigan: The Oliver Warbucks? Oliver Warbucks the millionaire?
Grace: No, Oliver Warbucks, the billionaire.

Grace: Uh, Mr. Warbucks, I'd like you to meet...
Warbucks: No time for dinner tonight, so tell Mrs. Pugh to send up an American-cheese sandwich at midnight. Come along, Miss Farrell. Let's get started.
(a press representative snaps a picture of him)
Warbucks: (screams) AAAAGH!!!
(he grabs the man's camera and smashes it to the ground)
Grace: Oh, Mr. Warbucks, this is the press representative! Your image!
Warbucks: Oh! Oh, yes! (laughs) Pick him up, Punjab. Uh, get him another camera.
(he and Grace laugh)

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Proper noun




  1. A diminutive form of Ann. A popular independent name in the 19th century.


  • ca. 1700 ?William Douglas: Annie Laurie:
    Maxwelton braes are bonnie
    Where early fa's the dew;
    An' it's there that Annie Laurie
    Gi'ed me her promise true.
  • 1830 Mary Russell Mitford: Our Village: Fourth Series: Cottage Names:
    I never thought of the most brilliant and elegant women in England quite so charming as she really is, till I heard her call her younger sister "Annie". It seemed to remove at once the almost repellent quality which belongs to extreme polish, - gave a genial warmth to her brightness, became her like a smile. - - - If she had called her sister Anna-Maria according to the register, I should have admired, and feared, and shunned her to my dying day.
  • 1947 Hilda Lawrence: Death of a Doll: pages 39-40:
    "I want you to stop calling yourself by that silly name, Annie," Mrs. Marshall-Gill said clearly. "It's inappropriate and ridiculous and I don't like it. It may even be dishonest, I don't know. At any rate, you're to stop it at once. I looked up your registration, and your name is Annie, a solid, Christian name. You'll do well to abide by it."
    "I don't like Annie," Jewel said.
    "It suits your face," Mrs. Marshall-Gill said. A titter ran around the listening room.


  • Anagrams of aeinn
  • inane


Alternative spellings

Proper noun


  1. A female given name borrowed from English.


Proper noun


  1. A female given name borrowed from English, popular in the mid-twentieth century.


Alternative spellings

Proper noun


  1. A female given name borrowed from English .

Simple English

Annie is a Broadway musical based on the well-known comic strip "Little Orphan Annie". It features such well-known songs as "Tomorrow" and "It's A Hard Knock Life". The musical opened in 1977 and was really popular. In 1982 it was made into a movie starring Aileen Quinn, Albert Finney, Carol Burnett, Tim Curry, and Bernadette Peters.


It is about an 11-year old orphan named Annie (played by Rebecca Smith). Annie thinks her birth parents are still alive, but has to live at an orphanage run by the cruel Miss Hannigan(played by Ruairidh Forde) Annie is selected by Grace, the assistant of Oliver "Daddy" Warbucks, a billionare, to spend two weeks with him. Warbucks at first does not like Annie. He soon grows to love her and wants to help her. When he learns that she wants to find her parents, he sets up a cash reward. This leads to a plot to kidnap Annie, by Miss Hannigan, her brother Rooster, and his girlfriend, Lily St. Regis.

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