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ANO BA'NG HANAP MO? (What Are You Looking For?) is a weekly Sunday afternoon show in the Philippines that airs on Intercontinental Broadcasting Company IBC-13.

The Show

You’re looking for a job, but can’t find one for more than a year now. Or maybe you’ve been waiting for the chance to buy a second hand car, but your budget’s too tight. You’ve seen good picture ads in Buy and Sell, as well as other magazines, but the moment you inspect it, it’s not as elegant as the one you saw on print. And then you whisper to yourself, “whew, the magic of Photography and digital prints.”

Then you ponder on your way home to sell your good old computer to upgrade it into a stronger one. And as you try to relax, you saw a working mini-component that you haven’t used for years, and thought of just trading it with a new Nokia cellphone, but just don’t know whom to contact, or who to transact business with.

You’ve always believed in the power of television, and in fact, you’ve always dreamed of promoting your product on TV, but you just don’t have enough budget to do this lifetime dream of yours. 200 thousand plus plus plus for a primetime 30-seconder? You must be kidding!

Now comes a TV show that is classified ads in nature, but would be treated as a “real” classified ads TV show, as all the products, and people promoting services would be seen on television. Now, isn’t that nice to see a real maid promoting herself as she searches for an employer, and stating her strong points and selling herself on national television? Or isn’t it entertaining to see some magicians or clowns doing a sample of their shows? And isn’t it amusing to see 40ish men asking for forgiveness to their wives on this audio and visual medium, as well as a teenager propose to someone he/she has been longing for, for a running time of 30 seconds to 1 minute.

This show then, is not just about Professional Services that will be seen, nor it is just about Real Estate or Cars being advertised, so they can be rented or bought right away. It’s not just even an announcement of someone looking for something… because more importantly, it’s all about the things that we need everyday… be it for a long-term or short-term item. Indeed, this show is about life … and the spice that go with.


  • Mickey Ferriols
  • Maoi Roca
  • Hyubs Azarcon
  • Val Diesel
  • Vic Toto (Eric Mendoza)

  • Segments

  • Ako Ba’ng Hanap Mo? (Am I You're Looking For?)- such as Maids, Plumber, Drivers, Engineers, etc. will be given the chance to promote themselves on national television and look for employers.

  • Wheel Power - those selling their cars would have the chance to sell it on air. Motorcyles, Bikes, as well as trucks and vans will also be included in this segment. Even transportation rentals are included in this segment.

  • Hanap Bahay - a guide for those looking for houses/apartments/lots/ condominiums, for rent or for sale.

  • Tech Muna (Tech Time)- a guide to those looking for electronic items and computers.

  • Palit Tayo (Swapping Corner)- our own version of swapping or trading corner.

  • OK Find … whatever (Ok, Looking for Whatever)- a segment where those in need of something can actually plug what they’re looking for. Will be treated as a bumper segment, and can be seen before commercial gaps.

  • ABHM Recommends - a segment for companies to plug their products and services.

  • (Personal Greetings)- a segment for personal messages. Textmates and chatmates will also be included in this segment.

  • The Fuzz – our fashion segment.

  • Weekly Guide – our thematic guide for the week.

  • Sponsors

  • W.L. Foods Corporation
  • Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO)
  • Web.Com.Ph
  • The Daily Tribune
  • Aryan Cosmetic Contact Lens
  • Altronics

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