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Another Lady Innocent
フロントイノセント ~もうひとつのレディイノセント~ エピソード
(Front Innocent)
Genre Romance, Drama, Hentai
Original video animation
Director Satoshi Urushihara
Studio Japan MOONROCK
Licensor United States Kitty Media
Released November 11, 2004 (Vol.0)
March 10, 2005 (Vol.1)
Episodes 1
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Another Lady Innocent (フロントイノセント Front Innocent ?) is the title of an H anime directed by Satoshi Urushihara in 2004, based on his artbook "Lady Innocent" and was released in Japan under the title "Front Innocent".

The protagonist of this anime is the young woman Fey, who had returned to her plantation home where she saw her brother John and her personal maid Sophia making love. Sophia is doing this upon the command that Fey told her to "take care of big brother John" while she is away. Fey eagerly joins the two. But soon it becomes apparent that an unscrupulous landowner has his eyes on Fey as well.

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