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Directed by Soumya Supriyo
Produced by Jayanta Kar
Written by Saratchandra Chatterjee
Starring Chiranjit
Sreelekha Mitra
Music by Amit Dasgupta
Cinematography Badal Sarkar
Editing by Somnath Kar
Release date(s) 5 September 2008
Country India
Language Bengali

Antaratama (Bengali: অন্তরতম(translation: "Nearest Dear") (2008)is a Bengali Movie based on Sarat Chadra Catterjee's story Swami, and was released in 2008. Directed by Soumya Supriyo, the movie featured Chiranjit, Sreelekha Mitra.[1]



This film, a big screen adaptation of Sarat Ch. Chattopadhyay’s SWAMI is about a girl Soudamini (Srilekha Mitra) who is an educated girl and stays in the village with her mother, a widow and her uncle who is very close to her and in like a father to her as she has lost father before. Her mother desperately wants to get her married though her uncle is willing to give more time to find a suitable groom for her. One day Naren (Shyamal Akash), son of the Jamindar arrives after years though Soudamini fails to recognize him. Gradually they bond together and fall in love. Mean while her uncle comes across a good marriage proposal and goes to the groom’s house and fix Soudamini’s marriage. On his way back he falls seriously ill and passes away. Before he passes away he makes his sister promise him that she should only get her daughter named to Ghanashyam (Chiranjit) the would be groom of Soudamini whom he had met and liked though he was not qualified. Soudamini gets married to Ghanashyam as she had waited long enough for Naren who had away, but did not return. After her marriage Soudamini discovers that several family members who reside with her husband her all dependent on Ghanashyam and live off him yet don’t care the list about him or his whereabouts of them needs are fulfilled the only exception being her widow young sister-in-law who is very close to Ghanashyam. Naren comes back and discovers Soudamini is married. He turns up at Ghanashyam’s house as he turns out to a friend of Nikhil, Ghanashyam’s younger brother. Soudamini’s mother-in-law sees Soudamini talking to Naren and informs Ghanashyam, buthe doesn’t tell Soudamini anything. Soudamini discovers a letter one day which says that her house in her village has been burned down due to a fire and also she discovers her jewellery missing. She confronts Ghanashyam this issues and insults him. But he is as usual calm and composed and doesn’t tell her the worth. Naren asks her to join him and leave the house forever one night. Soudamini is confronted by Bishnupriya, her sister-in-law, who tells her the worth regarding the house and the jewellery. Soudamini nevertheless goes with Naren but she feels guilty midway and wants to come back. Naren asks her to reconsider her decision but she is adamant. Naren deserts her and goes away. She decides to drown herself, but prevented from doing so by her husband.



  • Director Soumya Supriyo
  • Producer Jayanta Kar
  • Music Director Amit Dasgupta
  • Lyrics Amit Dasgupta
  • Screenplay Rishi Kumar
  • Story Saratchandra Chatterjee
  • Dialogue Rishi Kumar
  • Cinematographer Badal Sarkar
  • Editor Somnath Kar
  • Playback Singer Amit Dasgupta Haimanti Shukla Sreeradha Banerjee Srikanta Acharya


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