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Antebellum Bulldog/Altamaha Plantation Dog
Antebellum Bulldog Puppies.jpg
Other names Altamaha Plantation Dog
Country of origin United States
Weight Male 36-68 kg, 80-150 lb
Height Male 63-76 cm, 25-30 inches
Coat Short, stiff, with soft undercoat
Color white or white with spots
Litter size 5-12 puppies
Life span 12-15 years

The Antebellum Bulldog (ARF) or Altamaha Plantation Dog is an American new breed dog breed, developed in the Altamaha River Valley Basin, a region of South Eastern Georgia.





The Antebellum heads are larger and bulkier by comparison of other bulldogs, though the muzzle is longer and a little bulkier than average bulldogs they are distinctly bulldog. The Antebellum is an intelligent and astoundingly devotional dog that can be all white or white with patches. Its size is described as intimidating. It is a strong, well-developed, and muscular breed. Descriptions of its size indicate that males anywhere from 80-150 pounds (36 to 68 kg) standing 25 to 30 inches (63 to 76 cm) at the withers, females smaller at 70 to 100 pounds (31 to 45 kg). Ears and tail are natural, with no cropping or docking. Color of the Antebellum is white, with either brindle, brown or piebald spotted with black.


The Antebellum is described as intelligent, dutiful, and responsible, with impressive capabilities as a guardian of family and property, but aggressive only in defense of these. They are friendly and relaxed until the need arises to defend their own. Antebellums are noted for their gentle nature around small children.


The breed was developed by the Maxwell family of Darien, Georgia, USA, under the strict guidelines of the Animal Research Foundation to re-establish a breed of white bulldog that partnered loggers and rice plantation owners of the Altamaha River Basin. During the Antebellum period large rice plantations surrounded the Altamaha River Basin. The Breed is a sustained effort to recover and preserve the "Altamaha Plantation dog" of southeastern Georgia.


Though Blue eyes are common, no known ailments other than the eyes colors are recorded.


The breed is quite rare with a population of living dogs probably around 100. Primary registry for the breed is the Animal Research Foundation in Quinlan, Texas.

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