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Anthropophilia, from the Greek ἅνθρωπος (anthrōpos, "human being") and φιλία (philia, "friendship" or "love"), is a sexual attraction for humans. It can develop in non-human animals or birds as a result of sexual imprinting when reared from young by humans.

One example is London Zoo female giant panda Chi Chi; when taken to Moscow Zoo for mating with the male giant panda An An, she refused his attempts to mate with her, but made a full sexual self-presentation to a Russian zookeeper.

It commonly occurs in falconry birds reared from hatching by humans; such birds are called "imprints" in falconry. When an imprint must be bred from, the breeder lets the male bird copulate with his head while he is wearing a special hat with pockets on to catch the male bird's semen. Then he courts a suitable imprint female bird; at "copulation" he puts the flat of one hand on her back, and with the other hand uses a pipette, or a hypodermic syringe without a needle, to squirt the semen into her cloaca. Note: This is not zoophilia in the man, because he gets no sexual feeling from it. [1]

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