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The term anti-Stalinist left refers to elements of the political left which have been critical of the policies of Joseph Stalin and of the political system that developed in the Soviet Union under his rule.


Anti-Stalinist left groups

Amongst the currents that can be classified as parts of the anti-Stalinist left:

The emergence of the New left and the new social movements of the 1950s and 1960s led to the revival of interest in some countries in the anti-Stalinist left and its alternative forms of Marxism. British cultural studies (e.g. Raymond Williams), Italian autonomism/workerism (e.g. Antonio Negri), the magazines Telos and Dissent in America, and French groups like the Situationists and Socialisme ou Barbarie and later nouveaux philosophes were examples of this.

Important figures in the anti-Stalinist left

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