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Antigonus III Doson (Greek: ο Αντίγονος Δώσων 263 BC-221 BC) was king of Macedon from 229 BC-221 BC. He belonged to the Antigonid dynasty.

Antigonus was a son of Greek Macedonian prince Demetrius the Fair from his first marriage to Greek noblewoman Olympias of Larissa. His brother is a little known Greek Macedonian nobleman called Echecrates and Antigonus’ paternal uncle was the Greek Macedonian king Antigonus II Gonatas. On the death of King Demetrius II of Macedon (229 BC), Antigonus became guardian of Demetrius II's son, Philip. In 227 BC Antigonus married widow of Demetrius II, Phthia, deposing the young Philip, and became king.

Antigonus supported Aratus of Sicyon and the Achaean League against Aetolian League and Cleomenes III, king of Sparta. Antigonus defeated Cleomenes III in Battle of Sellasia, 222 BC. Antigonus died during a battle against the Illyrians. He died when one of his veins burst as he was shouting support for his men.

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Preceded by:
Demetrius II
Kings of Macedon
229–221 BC
Succeeded by:
Philip V


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