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Antipater Etesias (Greek: Ἀντίπατρος Ετησίας, 279 BC) was the son of Cassander's brother Philip. He became king after the death of Ptolemy Keraunos and the ousting of Meleager. His reign lasted only a period of 45 days. The Macedonians gave Antipater the name Etesias, because the Etesian winds blew during the short time that he was king. He failed as the leader of the army and was deposed by Sosthenes, possibly an officer in the army of Lysimachus in the 280's. Despite this he still had a following in some parts of Macedon and was defeated by Antigonus Gonatas. After this he fled to Egypt where he is mentioned 20 years later, encouraged by the king Ptolemy III as a potential rival claimant to the Macedonian throne.[1]

Antipater Etesias
Born: Unknown Died: 279 BC
Preceded by
King of Macedon
279 BC
Succeeded by


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  • Pyrrhus, King of Epirus by Petros E. Garoufalias ISBN 0-905743-13-X
  • A History of Macedonia: Volume III, 336-167 BC by N.G.L. Hammond and F.W. Walbank


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