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Anubis II
Anubis II.jpg
Developer(s) Data Design Interactive
Publisher(s) EU Metro 3D
NA Conspiracy Entertainment
Engine Reused Ninjabread Man GODS engine, Havok, RenderWare
Platform(s) Wii, PlayStation 2, PC
Release date(s) PS2

EU July 14, 2005
EU September 21, 2007
NA September 25, 2007

Genre(s) Action
Mode(s) Single Player Story Mode
Rating(s) ESRB: E
PEGI: 3+

Anubis II (pronounced Anubis the Second; the game is not a sequel) is an action game from UK based developer Metro 3D. The Wii version was worked on by Data Design Interactive.[1] The game was published by Conspiracy Entertainment in the United States.[2] It has already been released in Europe, and has arrived in Europe and North America as a Wii-exclusive game.



Set in ancient Egypt, the player controls Anubis, the guardian of the Underworld, in his quest to lift the Curse of the Pharaohs. The Nunchuk controls Anubis while the Wii Remote swings the Scepter of Ra and throws Kanopic Bombs.[3]


Long ago, an evil and twisted spirit known as Mumm'hotep plunged the Land of Egypt into Darkness. It was believed to be forever destroyed, but the evil spirit has risen again and taken physical form. A 'Pharaoh's Curse' has been placed over the fastest, strongest and most poisonous of Egypt's inhabitants and is holding his once peaceful civilization in its hands. The situation has become so terrible that the Gods have called on the only warrior that could rid the sands of these evil monsters and return peace to Egypt...The mighty Anubis. The hero of the Egyptians, Anubis, embarks on his quest to save Egypt from the Curse of the Pharaohs.


The game received overwhelmingly negative reviews upon release, including a 1.5/10 rating from Gamespot, the second worst score it is possible to receive with the new rating system, and a 2/10 rating from IGN.[4] The Wii version of Anubis II was also nominated for Flat-Out Worst Game of 2007 by Gamespot.[5].

Many critics have called it a carbon copy of Ninjabread Man, due to the identical music, gameplay and level layout, the same basic attacks, and enemies (as well as having most of the same bugs and glitches), because of the use of DDI's GODS engine.




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