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Anushirvan bin Ali II Lashkari
Reign Shaddadids:1049
Predecessor Ali II Lashkari
Successor Abu-l-Aswar Shavur I bin al-Fadl I

Ali II Lashkari was succeeded by Anushirvan apparently a minor, with the hajib or Chamberlain Abu'l Mansur serving as regent. Abu-Mansur, along his army chiefs, immediately agreed to surrender several frontier fortresses to the Georgians and Byzantines, in order, says a local chronicle, "to restrain their greed for Arran." This decision provoked the leading men of Shamkur to revolt under al-Haytham ibn Maymun al-Bais, chief of the tanners in that city. Abu-Mansur, then residing at Shamkur, attempted to arrest al-Haytham, but al-Haytham and his ghulams (servants) "drew their daggers" and declared for Abu'l-Aswar, to whom they opened the gates. Abu'l-Aswar occupied Shamkur, settled its affairs, and returned to Ganja. He arrested Anushirvan, whose reign ended abruptly after two months, as well as Abu-Mansur and his relations.


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