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Anwar Haddam (Arabic: أنور هدام‎) was a leader of the Islamic Salvation Front (FIS), a Islamist party in Algeria, and was elected to parliament on a FIS ticket in 1991 - Algeria's first multiparty elections. The dissolution of the FIS by military decree after its electoral victories in 1991-92 triggered the Algerian Civil War, in which the FIS-affiliated Islamic Salvation Army (AIS) and other militias fought the military-dominated government. Haddam spent most of the war years in exile in the United States of America, acting as a main figure in the party's political leadership. Algerian authorities unsuccessfully sought his extradition.[1]

In 1995, Haddam and Rabeh Kebir both signed the Sant'Egidio Platform - a joint document by opposition parties demanding a reinstatement of democracy in Algeria - as representatives of FIS.

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