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Anything for Love
Directed by Michael Keusch
Produced by Gary Hoffman
Lance H. Robbins
Cal Shumiatcher
William Vince
Written by Raúl Fernández
Starring Cory Haim
Nicole Eggert
Music by Amin Bhatia
Vincent Mai
Cinematography Tobias A. Schliessler
Editing by Allan Lee
Distributed by Jailhouse Productions
Release date(s) September 13, 1993
Running time 91 minutes
Country Canada United States
Language English
Preceded by He's My Girl

Anything for Love is a 1993 direct-to-video teen comedy film, starring Corey Haim and Nicole Eggert. It was aired on television in the United States as Just One of the Girls, and as He's My Girl II in Germany and Hungary.

Alanis Morissette makes a cameo appearance in the ending of the movie.



Summer is over and 16-year-old teenager Chris, who is constantly bullied by Kurt and his gang and is only friends with Dan, is enrolling in a new high school. To his regret, this is the same high school Kurt and his gang are at. Not wanting to be beaten up in front of school every time, he asks his father to teach him how to fight. It proves not to be enough to scare off Kurt, though, so he decides that he will disguise himself every day as a girl to walk pass them into school. Initially, he only plans on dressing up as a girl to get into school, but he soon grows used to the role of being a female, being able to talk trash to Kurt, who falls in love with him as a girl, and befriending Marie.

Marie is a cheerleader with relationship troubles Chris has a crush on. Her current boyfriend Jon, who was previously dating the snobby head cheerleader Lynne, pushes her to sleep with him. Marie, however, wants to remain a virgin. Enthusiastic about going to cheerleader camp and sharing a room with Marie, he signs up to become a cheerleader. In a short period of time, Chris wins both Marie and Kurt's trust. After Kurt admits to Chris that he is only behaving the way he does because of peer pressure, Chris convinces him to apologize to Dan, who is a common target of his bullies as well.

Problems begin when Kurt starts to make advances and he starts almost getting caught by people. His PE teacher notices he is looking at the girls in the locker room and, thinking Chris is a lesbian, takes him to her office for a conversation. Chris, thinking she is talking to him about actually being a boy, admits his disguise. The PE teacher threatens to tell the principal the truth, but Chris convinces her not to do so by lying that he is a transvestite and enjoys dressing up in women's clothing. Later that evening, Marie brings him a visit. His parents, unaware that Chris is going to school as a girl, mistake her for his girlfriend.

Dealing with Marie and his parents at the same time brings Chris in trouble, but he manages to keep them both fooled. However, when Kurt drops by to bring Chris flowers, his father Louis starts to think he is gay. By lying about Kurt's sexuality, Chris is able to convince his father he is straight and that nothing is wrong. The next day he leaves for cheerleader camp. When Louis finds out, he finally realizes Chris has been dressing up as a girl. Meanwhile, Chris attempts to kiss Marie while practicing their cheerleader steps, but she pushes him away and runs off.

Encouraged by his PE teacher to tell the truth, Chris reveals himself to be a boy during a cheerleader performance. Kurt threatens to beat him up, but when Chris defends him for not being gay, they finally make peace. Marie feels betrayed, thinking that Chris only tried to get her in bed. She eventually decides to forgive him.



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