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Aonghas Óg, Lord of Islay, (d. c. 1316) participated in the Wars of Scottish Independence.


He was Lord of Islay, head of Clan Donald (or MacDonald), son of Aonghas Mór (the elder - Og means younger) Macdonald and a daughter of Cailean Mór, and a grandson of the Donald who gave his name to the clan, who was a grandson of Somerled.

After his elder brother Alasdair Og (supporter of Baliols and the English) was toppled from the lordship, Aonghas Og was given those.

He supported King Robert I of Scotland, and fought at the Battle of Bannockburn. The king gave him lands, an important step in the rise of Clan Donald at the expense of Clan MacDougall.

The young Aonghas 'Oigh', younger son of the late High Chief Aonghas 'Mhor', was a consistent supporter of Robert 'the Bruce' in the Wars of Scots Independence - contrary to what did his elder brother, Alaxandair 'Oigh', an ally and brother-in-law of the MacDougalls, enemies of the Bruce.

Aonghas 'Ogh' helped the Bruce already in the early days when the Bruce was essentially nothing more than a fugitive: Aonghas hospitably received the Bruce into his castle of Dunaverty, in August 1306, and there sheltered him. Aonghas assisted in the attack upon Carrick, when the king had landed in his patrimonial district.

When having established his power, King Robert granted Aonghas plenty of lands: for example, both his elder brother's holdings, including the island of Islay, and much of the holdings of the MacDougalls. This was an important step in the rise of Clan Donald (a junior branch from king Somhairle) at the expense of Clan MacDougall (who were the senior agnatic heirs of king Somhairle). Aonghas' elder brother, Alaxandair 'Ogh' was toppled because the MacDougalls and the English lost. Alaxandair 'Ogh' had to surrender to king Robert, and he was kept imprisoned in Dundonald castle, Ayrshire, where he died. His whole possessions were forfeited and given to his younger brother, Angus 'Ogh'.

Aonghas 'Ogh' fought, with a contingent of Isles warriors, at the Battle of Bannockburn in support of the Bruce. In recognition of Clan Donald's support King Robert proclaimed that Clan Donald would always occupy the honored position on the right wing of the Scottish army. As territorial rewards, the king bestowed upon Aonghas the lordship of Lochabar (which had belonged to the Comyns), with the lands of Durrour and Glenco, and the islands of Mull, Tyree, etc, from the patrimony of the chiefs of MacDougall.


His sons included:

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