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Appalachian League
Appalachian League logo
Sport Baseball
Founded 1937
No. of teams 10
Country(ies)  United States
Most recent champion(s) Danville Braves
Official website Official Website

The Appalachian League is a Rookie-class minor league that began play in 1937 with one year of inactivity in 1956. From 1937 to 1962, it was a Class D League. Teams are located in the Appalachian regions of Virginia, North Carolina, West Virginia and Tennessee. The league's season starts in June, after major league teams have signed players that they selected in the annual amateur draft, and ends in September.

Earlier incarnations of the league operated, more centrally around Tennessee, from 1911 to 1914 and 1921 to 1925 at the Class D level.


Current teams

Division Team MLB Affiliation City Stadium Capacity
East Bluefield Orioles Baltimore Orioles Bluefield, West Virginia and
Bluefield, Virginia
Bowen Field 3,000
Burlington Royals Kansas City Royals Burlington, North Carolina Burlington Athletic Stadium 3,500
Danville Braves Atlanta Braves Danville, Virginia American Legion Field 2,588
Princeton Rays Tampa Bay Rays Princeton, West Virginia H. P. Hunnicutt Field 3,000
Pulaski Mariners Seattle Mariners Pulaski, Virginia Calfee Park 2,500
West Bristol White Sox Chicago White Sox Bristol, Virginia Devault Memorial Stadium 2,000
Elizabethton Twins Minnesota Twins Elizabethton, Tennessee Joe O'Brien Field 2,000
Greeneville Astros Houston Astros Greeneville, Tennessee Pioneer Park 4,000
Johnson City Cardinals St. Louis Cardinals Johnson City, Tennessee Howard Johnson Field 3,800
Kingsport Mets New York Mets Kingsport, Tennessee Hunter Wright Stadium 2,000

Current team rosters

Complete team list (1937-55, 1956-present)

  • Lynchburg Senators (1959)
  • Marion A's (1946-55, as Welch Miners in 1946-55; moved to Marion during 1955 season)
  • Marion Mets (1965-76)
  • Martinsville Phillies (1988-1998)
  • Middlesboro Cubsox (1961-63, as Middlesboro Senators in 1961-62)
  • Morristown Cubs (1937-55, 1957-60, as Elizabethton Betsy Red Sox in 1937-42; as Erwin Aces in 1943; as Erwin Cubs in 1944; as Elizabethton Betsy Cubs in 1945-48; as Elizabethton Betsy Local in 1949-50; as Elizabethton Phils in 1951; as Pulaski Phillies in 1952-55; as Pulaski Cubs in 1957-58)
  • New River Rebels (1946-50)
  • Newport Canners (1937-42)
  • Pennington Gap Miners (1937-40, as Pennington Gap Lee Bears in 1937-38; as Pennington Gap Bears in 1939)
  • Princeton Rays (1988-present, as Princeton Pirates in 1988-89; as Princeton Patriots in 1990; as Princeton Reds in 1991-96, as Princeton Devil Rays in 1997-2008)
  • Pulaski Counts (1946-50)
  • Pulaski Mariners (1982-95, 1997-2006, 2008-present as Pikeville Brewers in 1982; as Pikeville Cubs in 1983-84; as Wytheville Cubs 1985-89; as Huntington Cubs in 1990-94; as River City Rumblers in 1995; suspended operations in 1996; as Pulaski Rangers in 1997-2002; as Pulaski Blue Jays in 2003-2006; suspended operations in 2007)
  • Salem Rebels (1955, 1957-67)
  • Wytheville Reds (1938-55, 1957-65, 1967, as Kingsport Cherokees in 1938-41; as Kingsport Dodgers in 1942; as Kingsport Cherokees in 1943-52; as Wytheville Statesmen in 1953-55; as Wytheville Cardinals in 1957-59; as Wytheville Senators in 1960; as Wytheville Twins in 1961-63; as Wytheville A's in 1964; as Wytheville Senators in 1965; suspended operations in 1966)

Complete team list (1921-25)

  • Kingsport Indians (1921-25)
  • Knoxville Pioneers (1921-24)
  • Morristown Roosters (1923-25, as Cleveland Manufacturers in 1921-22)

Complete team list (1911-14)

  • Harriman Boosters (1911-14, as Bristol Boosters in 1911-13)
  • Johnson City Soldiers (1911-13)
  • Knoxville Reds (1911-14, as Knoxville Appalachians in 1911)
  • Middlesboro Colonels (1911-14, as Asheville Moonshiners in 1911-12)
  • Morristown Jobbers (1913-14, as Cleveland Counts in 1911-13; moved to Morristown during 1913 season)
  • Rome Romans (1911-13, as Morristown Jobbers in 1911-12)

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