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Applegate Christian Fellowship (ACF) is a Christian church located in Ruch, Oregon, an unincorporated hamlet in the Applegate Valley in the vicinity of Jacksonville, Oregon. Applegate Christian Fellowship was originially founded as a non-demoninational church in 1977, and it later became officially incorporated as a Calvary Chapel affiliate church, a title it holds today.

The first gatherings catered to no more than a couple of dozen people, which grew to 8,000 by 2002. As of 2006, the church numbers near to 3,000 as the result of two churches being formed in late 2005 as outgrowths of ACF, in the nearby towns of Medford, Oregon, and Grants Pass, Oregon.

Jon Courson was the senior pastor at Applegate until he departed in 2002 to join Calvary Chapel founder, Chuck Smith, in Costa Mesa, California. His eldest son, Peter-John, assumed the senior pastor position, where he remained until early 2006. In 2006, the church leadership roles were brought more in line with the Christian primitivist view of church leadership, dispensing with the term "Senior Pastor" and instead bring forward the plurality of church elders. When Jon Courson rejoined the church in 2006, the teaching was shared amongst Jon Courson, Peter-John Courson, and Jon's youngest son, Ben Courson.

ACF continues to redefine its vision, coming more and more into what would widely be considered the Christian primitivist position: dispensing with the "Senior Pastor" title, (at least) weekly communion observance, daily open meetings, relatively and untraditional Sunday services.

Applegate operates several ministries, including a mission in Carmen Serdan, Mexico another in Honduras, as well as Jon Courson's pastor training school, Lake Bradley Christian Camp, and KAPL radio.

Applegate's worship leader, Seth Gilbert, is married to Jon Courson's daughter Christy and is the songwriter/vocalist/guitarist for the band Seven Places.

The fellowship is affiliated, or has its former pastors at several churches in the area, including Mountain Christian Fellowship and Agua Viva Christian Fellowship in Medford, Oregon, Edgewater Christian Fellowship in Grants Pass, and Ashland Christian Fellowship, among others.



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