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The Transylvanian Western Carpathians (Apuseni Mountains - the top ones)

The Apuseni Mountains (Romanian: Munţii Apuseni, Hungarian: Erdélyi-szigethegység) is a mountain range in Transylvania, Romania, which belongs to the Western Carpathians, also called Occidentali in Romanian. Their name translates from Romanian as Mountains "of the sunset" i.e. "western". The highest peak is "Cucurbăta Mare" Hungarian: Nagy-Bihar - 1849 metres, also called Bihor Peak. The Apuseni Mountains have about 400 caves.




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Criş Mountains (Munţii Crişului, Hungarian: Kőrős-menti hegyvidék) :

Seş-Meseş Mountains (Munţii Seş-Meseşului):

  • Meseş Mountains (Munţii Meseşului, Hungarian: Meszes-hegység)
  • Seş Mountain (Muntele Seş, Hungarian: Réz-hegység)
  • Şimleu Depression (Depresiunea Şimleu Silvanei, Hungarian: Szilágysomlyói-medence), often considered part of the Transylvanian Basin-Podişul Someşan
  • Şimleu Mountains (Munţii Şimleu, Hungarian: Szilágysági-dombvidék), often considered part of the Transylvanian Basin-Podişul Someşan [3]

Bihor Massif (Masivul Bihor, Hungarian: Bihari-havasok):

  • Bihor Mountains (Munţii Bihorului, Hungarian: Bihar-hegység)
  • Vlădeasa Mountains (Munţii Vlădeasa, Hungarian: Vlegyásza-hegység)
  • Muntele Mare Mountains (literally: Big Mountain), (Munţii Muntele Mare, Hungarian: Öreghavas)
  • Gilău Mountains (Munţii Gilăului, Hungarian: Gyalui-havasok)

Mureş Mountains (Munţii Mureşului, Hungarian: Marosmenti-hegyvidék):

  • Zarand Mountains (Munţii Zarandului, Hungarian: Zarándi-hegység)
  • Metalliferous Mountains (Munţii Metaliferi, Hungarian: Erdélyi-érchegység), incl. Trascău Mountains (Munţii Trascăului, Hungarian: Torockói-hegység)


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