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Aquarium fish feeders are electric or electronic gadgets that are designed to feed aquarium fish at regular intervals. They are often used to feed fish when the aquarist is on vacation or is too busy to maintain a regular feeding schedule.[1]



Fish feeders are usually clamped to the wall of the tank just over the water. They consist of a hopper which is loaded with a variety of dry food, a timer which rotates the hopper at regular intervals (dispensing food in the process), and a method of setting the interval between feeding and the amount of food dispensed.

Most feeders can dispense flake, pellet, or freeze dried food.[2]


Though some feeders are designed specifically to keep food dry, many designs allow moisture to seep into the food hopper. This can cause clumping, and can result in the failure of the mechanism. Because fish feeders generally cannot feed frozen or live food, they are not effective options for feeding most predatory fish.[3]

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