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Map that would include an Arab Union

The term Arab Union was first used when the British promised Arabs a united independent Arab state; after that failed to happen due to the Sykes–Picot Agreement, Arabs since have called for an Arab Union, with Gamal Abdel Nasser trying several Arab Federations, alongside with other Arab states, such as Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Tunisia, Libya, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Sudan and North Yemen.

In the 2004 Arab League summit in Cairo, Egypt, The President of Yemen Ali Abdullah Saleh proposed the creation of an Arab Union, replacing the Arab League, so it can be a stronger political and geographical body, capable of dealing with world issues. However, the Proposal failed to reach the Summit's agenda, but in 2009 the Arab League summit in Doha, Qatar the proposal managed to reach the Summit's agenda. It was decided that it will be looked into and discussed.[1]

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