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Arauco or Araucanía may refer to:

  • Arauco, Chile, a city and municipality in Arauco Province, Chile
  • Arauco Province, a province in the Biobío Region of Chile
  • Arauco, Argentina, a town in Arauco Department, Argentina
  • Arauco Department, an administrative district in La Rioja Province, Argentina
  • Araucanía Region, an administrative region of Chile, the heartland of the historic region of Araucanía
  • Araucanía (historic region), a historical region of Central Chile also called Arauco
  • Gulf of Arauco, a body of water on the coast of Chile
  • Arauco War, a centuries-long a war in Chile involving Spaniards and Mapuches

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ARAUCANIA, the name of a large territory of Chile, South America, S. of the Bio-bio river, belonging to the Araucanian Indians (see below) at the time of their independence of Spanish and Chilean authority. The loss of their political independence has been followed by that of the greater part of their territory, which has been divided up into the Chilean provinces of Arauco, Bio-bio, Malleco and Cautin, and the Indians, much reduced in number, now live in the wooded recesses of the three provinces last named.

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From Spanish Araucanía

Proper noun




  1. (history) The homeland of the Mapuche people in part of Patagonia (southern Chili and Argentina)
  2. One of the fifteen adminstrative regions of Chile
    The capital of Araucania is Temuco.

Derived terms


  • French: Araucanie


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