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The Cathedral of Reims, by Domenico Quaglio

The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Reims (Lat:Archidioecesis Remensis) is an archdiocese of the Latin Rite of the Roman Catholic Church in France. Erected as a diocese around 250 by St. Sixtus, the diocese was elevated to an archdiocese around 750. The archbishop received the title "primate of Gallia Belgica" in 1089.

In 1023, Archbishop Ebles acquired the Countship of Reims, making him a prince-bishop; it became a duchy and a peerage between 1060 and 1170.

The archdiocese comprises the arrondissement of Reims and the département of Ardennes while the province comprises the région of Champagne-Ardenne. The suffragan dioceses within Reims are Amiens, Beauvais-Noyon-Senlis, Châlons, Langres, SoissonsLaonSaint-Quentin, and Troyes. The archepiscopal see is located in the cathedral of Notre-Dame de Reims, where the Kings of France were traditionally crowned.

The current archbishop is Thierry Romain Camille Jordan, who was appointed in 1999.




Bishops of Reims

  • St. Sixtus (c. 260)
  • Amantius? (Amanse)
  • St. Sinicius (Sinice) (c. 280)
  • St. Amantius (Amanse) (c. 290)
  • Betause [Imbetausius] (before 300–c. 314)
  • Aprus (Aper) (328–350)
  • St. Maternien (350–359)
  • Domitianus
  • St. Donatian (361–390)
  • St. Vincent (390–394)
  • St. Severus (394–400)
  • St. Nicasius (400–407; founded the first cathedral of Reims, killed by the Vandals)
  • Barucius
  • Barnabas
  • Bennage (?–459)
  • St. Remigius (459–533)
  • Romanus
  • Flavius (c. 535)
  • Mappinus (c. 549)
  • Egidius (573–590)
  • Romulph (590–613)
  • Sonnatius (613–c. 627)
  • Leudigisil
  • Angelbert (c. 630)
  • Lando
  • St. Nivard (before 657–673)
  • St. Rieul (673–c. 689)
  • St. Rigobert (c.689–717)
  • Milo (717–744)
  • Abel (744–748)

Archbishops of Reims

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