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Archduke Heinrich Ferdinand Salvator
Archduke and Prince Heinrich Ferdinand Salvator of Austria; Prince Heinrich Ferdinand Salvator of Hungary and Bohemia; Prince of Tuscany
Heinrich Ferdinand Salvator of Austria
Spouse Maria Karoline Ludescher
Full name
Heinrich Ferdinand Salvator Maria Joseph Leopold Karl Ludwig Pius Albert Rupert Katharina von Habsburg-Lothringen
House House of Habsburg-Lorraine
Father Ferdinand IV, Grand Duke of Tuscany
Mother Alice of Bourbon-Parma
Born 17 August 1878(1878-08-17)
Salzburg, Austria-Hungary
Died 21 May 1969 (aged 90)
Salzburg, Austria

Archduke Heinrich Ferdinand Salvator Maria Joseph Leopold Karl Ludwig Pius Albert Rupert Katharina von Habsburg-Lothringen of Austria, Prince Imperial of Austria, Prince of Hungary and Bohemia, Prince of Tuscany born 17 August 1878 in Salzburg, Austria-Hungary; died 21 May 1969 in Salzburg, Austria, was the fifth child and fourth-eldest son of Ferdinand IV, Grand Duke of Tuscany and his wife Alice of Bourbon-Parma. Until age fifteen, he was educated at home by private tutors. In 1894, he joined the military school in Hranice (Mährisch Weißkirchen) near Olomouc (Olmütz, today the Czech Republic), but transferred that same year to the military academy in Wiener Neustadt. In 1897 he was promoted to second lieutenant, and assigned to the Dragoon Regiment No. 6 in Enns.

Since age fourteen, Heinrich had been a remarkable artist. The fruits of his talent were proved with the publication in 1897 of the sketch book "In 11 Tagen von Neustadt nach Triest" (From Neustadt to Trieste in 11 Days). That same year, he was given the Knight of the Order of the Golden Fleece. In 1907 he was released from military service. The next year, his father Ferdinand IV, Grand Duke of Tuscany died in the Toskanatrakt (wing) of the Salzburg Residenz. That same year, another son was born, Henrich. In 1911 he did a journey from Salzburg to Egypt and the Near East, which took months, but he was home back just in time for the birth of his first and only daughter, Veronika. His marriage with Louise ended in 1912, the year he purchased Flederbach Castle in Salzburg-Aigen. He moved from Kassel to Munich and lived morganatically with Marie Karoline Ludescher (Staudach, 6 December 1883 - Salzburg, 25 March 1981), from Stams in Tyrol, with whom he had had an affair since the mid 1900s. He married finally Marie Karoline on 29 November 1919. Between 1914 and 1918 (World War I) he was called for military service on the fronts in Galicia and Upper Italy. In 1917 Heinrich Ferdinand was promoted to the rank of Major General. That same year, he published a study, "Die Wasserstraße Mitteleuropas" (The Waterway of Central Europe). In 1919, he joined his family in the signing of the declaration of renunciation waiving the claim to power of the House of Habsburg-Lothringen for Austria (“Habsburg Law”). Between 1919 and 1969, he lived on a modest officer’s pension in Flederbach Castle in Salzburg with Marie Karoline (who survives him) and devoted completely to photography and painting, his passions.

Marriages and issue

Heinrich Ferdinand married morganatically Marie Karoline Ludescher on 29 November 1919, but had been living with her since 1906. They had three children, who held the title "Graf von Habsburg-Lothringen" (Count of Habsburg-Lorraine):

  • Heinrich von Habsburg-Lorraine, Graf von Habsburg-Lothringen, (17 August 1908 - 13 June 1968). He married Helvig Schutte, daughter of Gudmund Schutte and Elsa Pichler, on 13 May 1939 at St. Johann im Pongau, Austria. They had three children: Ulrich Ferdinand Gudmund (3 October 1941); Helvig Helle (29 December 1942); and Christoph Heinrich (22 October 1944).
  • Othmar von Habsburg-Lorraine, Graf von Habsburg-Lothringen (7 August 1910 - 5 February 1988). He married Helene Moser, daughter of Johannes Moser and Helene Gruber, on 19 December 1944 at Salzberg, Germany. They had three children: Ulrike Margarethe (29 December 1945); Elizabeth Maria (8 November 1946); and Albrecht Clemens (24 October 1951).
  • Veronika von Habsburg-Lorraine, Gräfin von Habsburg-Lothringen (15 March 1912). Never married and without issue.


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