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Archduke Stefan of Austria
Archduke and Prince Stefan of Austria; Prince Stefan of Hungary, Croatia, and Bohemia; Prince of Tuscany
Spouse Mary Jerrine Soper
Christopher Habsburg-Lothringen
Ileana Habsburg-Lothringen
Peter Habsburg-Lothringen
Constanza Habsburg-Lothringen
Anton Habsburg-Lothringen
Full name
German: Stefan von Habsburg-Lothringen
House House of Habsburg-Lorraine
Father Archduke Anton of Austria
Mother Princess Ileana of Romania
Born 15 August 1932(1932-08-15)
Mödling, Lower Austria, Austria
Died 12 November 1998 (aged 66)
Michigan, United States

Archduke Stefan of Austria (German: Stefan, Erzherzog von Österreich, Prinz von Toskana[1][2]) (born 15 August 1932 in Mödling, Lower Austria, Austria[1][2]; died 12 November 1998 in Michigan, United States[1][2]) was a member of the House of Habsburg-Lorraine and Archduke and Prince of Austria, Prince of Hungary, Bohemia, and Tuscany by birth. Stefan was the eldest child and son[1][2] of Archduke Anton of Austria and his wife Princess Ileana of Romania.[1][2]


Early life

Stefan was baptised with the name of Stefan von Habsburg-Lothringen. He was born in Mödling, Austria and spent the first years of his childhood in Castle Sonnberg, Austria. In 1942, he moved with his parents and four sisters and brother to Romania. While there, Stefan's parents made their residence at Bran, Braşov. After his 1st cousin, Michael of Romania, waived his rights to the Romanian throne and was expelled by the Communist late in 1947, Stefan left the country with his parents. Stefan then lived first in Switzerland, then in Argentina, and then finally in the United States. He was naturalized as a United States citizen.[1]He was a graduate from MIT and established a division for advanced research at General Motors in Detroit, Michigan

Marriage and issue

Stefan married morganatically to Mary Jerrine Soper, daughter of Charles B. Soper and his wife Agnes McNeil, on 26 August 1954 in Milton, Massachusetts, United States.[1][2] Stefan and Jerrine had five children together:[1][2]

  • Christopher Habsburg-Lothringen (born 26 January 1957 in Boston)[1][2]
∞ Elizabeth Ann Blanchette (born 22 January 1967 in Peoria, Illinois) on 2 May 1987 at Mount Tamalpais, California[1][2]
∞ Catherine Q. Nastase Ripley (born 5 September 1958 in Pontiac, Michigan) on 15 October 1994 at Clarkston, Michigan[1][2]
  • Ileana Habsburg-Lothringen (born 4 January 1958 in Detroit)[1][2]
∞ David Snyder (born 18 November 1956 in Pontiac, Michigan) on 23 June 1979 in Farmington Hills, Michigan[1][2]
  • Peter Habsburg-Lothringen (born 19 February 1959 in Detroit)[1][2]
∞ Shari Suzanne Reid (born 1 September 1960 in Highland Park, Michigan) on 27 June 1981 in Farmington Hills, Michigan[1][2]
∞ Lauren Ann Klaus (born 9 May 1956 in Detroit, Michigan) on 17 June 1989 in Union Lake, Michigan[1][2]
  • They have adopted three children.[1][2]
  • Constanza Habsburg-Lothringen (born 2 October 1960 in Detroit)[1][2]
∞ Mark Lee Matheson (born 15 February 1958 in Grosse Pointe, Michigan) on 16 January 1987 in Franklin, Michigan[1][2]
  • Anton Habsburg-Lothringen (born 7 November 1964 in Detroit)[1][2]
∞ Ashley Byrd Carrell (born 23 August 1966 in Nashville, Tennessee) on 5 October 1991 in Hiram, Ohio[1][2]

Titles, styles, honours and arms


Titles and styles

  • 15 August 1932 – 12 November 1998: His Imperial and Royal Highness Archduke and Prince Stefan of Austria; Prince Stefan of Hungary, Bohemia, and Tuscany
(Note: Stefan was baptized with the name Stefan von Habsburg-Lothringen and later changed his name to Stefan Habsburg).[1]



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