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Archebius Dikaios Nikephoros "The Fair/Follower of the Dharma and Victorious" was an Indo-Greek king who ruled in the area of Taxila. Osmund Bopearachchi dates him to circa 90-80 BCE, and R C Senior to about the same period. He was probably one of the last Indo-Greek kings before the Saka king Maues conquered Taxila, and a contemporary of Hermaeus in the west. He may have been a relative of Heliokles II, who used a similar reverse and also the title Dikaios.


Coin types

Archebius issued silver with diademed or helmeted king, sometimes in spear-throwing pose. On the reverse is Zeus standing facing, holding a thunderbolt or on some issues an aegis.

Archebius also struck a rare series of Attic tetradrachms, found in Bactria.

He issued bronzes with an owl / Nike.

Preceded by:
(In Arachosia and Gandhara)
Menander II

(In Punjab)
Indo-Greek Ruler
(Arachosia, Gandhara, Punjab)
(90-80 BCE)
Succeeded by:
Indo-Scythian king:


Archebius overstruck two coins of Peukolaos.

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